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Baked Doughnuts for Everyone {From Sweet to Savory to Everything in Between, 101 Delicious Recipes, All Gluten-Free} 

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Baked Doughnuts For Everyone: From Sweet to Savory to Everything in Between, 101 Delicious Recipes, All Gluten-Free



Berry Kombucha Sangria

Yes! Another tasty beverage with a little kick of kombucha.

And let’s be real. When I say “sangria” what I really mean is fruit salad with wine poured over top.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |


Way more than any normal person would add to sangria. But, I find the wine-soaked fruit to be my favorite component which is why I added a crap ton of it. I just adore the juiciness of the orange slices, how the apple holds its crispy texture, and how the berries swell with wine and burst in your mouth.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

This is a drink you serve with a fork.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

This is a drink you serve for friends.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

From now until berries lose their taste.

And then we can switch to stone fruits.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

I lucked out this week and had a sweet delivery of the kombucha you see below! The kind folks at Clearly Kombucha sent over a few flavors for me to try out and it was absolute perfect timing for my sangria recipe. I loved the light floral notes in this and thought it was the perfect match with this recipe.

Not sponsored. Just fun.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

Check out that mountain of fruit in the background. Mmmhm.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

Print this!

Berry Kombucha Sangria gluten-free, vegan // yields 2-4 servings

  • 1, 750 mL bottle Pinot Grigio, vegan if needed
  • 1 large orange
  • 1 medium green apple, chopped
  • 1 1/2 cups mixed berries
  • 1 bottle berry flavored kombucha

Pour wine into a large pitcher. Slice your orange in half around the center [not end to end]. Squeeze one half to get about 1/3 cup fresh orange juice and strain the pulp. Pour into the pitcher with the wine. Gently stir.

Slice 1/4-inch thick rounds of the remaining orange half and cut each round into quarters with the rind attached [refer to photo 1]. Slice strawberries in half [if using]. Add the orange segments, apple, and berries to the wine and give a few gentle stirs.

Refrigerate for at least 4 hours but best overnight. Pour into glasses and serve with a few splashes [2-3 tablespoons] of kombucha in each glass. Can be made 1 day ahead. Add ice if desired when serving.


  • Use any combination of berries you choose. I used an equal mix of blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries.
  • For a little more kick add 1/4 cup brandy to the mix.
  • Add juice from 1 lime for a sour bite.
  • Try Riesling instead of Pinot Grigio for more sweetness.
  • I used a very sweet Cara Cara orange but feel free to use any type of orange you like. If your oranges are smaller in size you may need two.

Berry Kombucha Sangria |

Thursday happy hour? You bring the snacks.



Food Photography Tip of the Week |7|

For today’s Food Photography Tip of the Week I have a guest post coming from the talented blogging duo Sonja + Alex, from A Couple Cooks. I want to keep this series as helpful + varied as possible, so I thought asking other food photographers for their best tips would be a great way to do that. I’ll be back next week with another tip to share! Now, read on and get ready to move!

Food Photography Tip of the Week |7|

Move Your Feet!

This tip is simple, but it’s something we have to remind ourselves of on a regular basis. It’s easy to get into a comfort zone with light direction -- you find a background you like, a sunny window, and always place your plate with the same angle of light. While this usually works, sometimes it’s just not quite right.

When a shot is well-lit but doesn’t have that special something, our instinct is to shuffle around bowls and napkins trying to capture some magic. Instead, we’ve found that rotating the camera around the subject can be even more helpful. In the four shots below, a few inches of rotation makes for a large difference in that intangible “vibe” of the photo.

Does your shot call for elegant balanced light or sassy back-lighting? Move your feet and find out!

Food Photography Tip of the Week from @acouplecooks  on

photo credit: A Couple Cooks

Here’s a look behind the scenes of our setup: we had windows to the left and behind the subject, with a poster board providing bounce light.

Food Photography Tip of the Week from @acouplecooks  on

Food Photography Tip of the Week from @acouplecooks  on

If you’re trying to grab the fries out of your screen I’m sorry to say it’s not going to happen. However, Sonja + Alex just posted the recipe for their crispy baked sweet potato fries yesterday. Nice how well that worked out, huh?

Big thanks to Sonja + Alex for 1. This super helpful tip that is easy to forget to do! 2. Being my first food photography tip of the week guest poster[s]. 3. Taking rad photos!!! You guys rule.