one. two. three. days in the snow.

We had an action packed weekend around here, involving nonstop play in the snow.

Saturday started at Copper Mountain, with a handful of friends.

The weather was fairly warm, with no wind, but also no new snow.  The trails were pretty sun baked + icy.


Saturday night we headed to Steamboat Springs, and skied/snowboarded there on Sunday.  The snow was much better than the previous day at Copper, and we lucked out getting a few fresh inches during the day.

We took a few hikes to the top of the mountain.

Nothing else like it!

The boys.

Heading down.

Rest stop.

Too bad we had to leave Sunday night.  Steamboat ended up getting TWENTY SEVEN inches of snow after we left!!

On Monday, we took our friend Will [who was visiting from out of town] up to Cameron Pass.  It’s about 1.5hrs west of Fort Collins.

Conditions started off windy + cold, with a LOT of new snow.

I snowshoed up + down the mountain, while the boys rode their way to the bottom.

It was a hairy trek up, with nothing but steep terrain for a good 1 hour hike.  Then the boys skied about 2/3 of the way down, and I followed.  Then back up to the top!

Are we there yet??

The sun finally started to peak through.

While it would have been fun to snowboard down, I didn’t feel like toting my snowboard on my back all the way up.  I was happy to make my way by foot.  I also didn’t want to lug the dslr camera.  Knowing me, it would have ended up burried in two feet of snow.

I basically ran the entire way down the mountain.  It feels like a mix between bouncing + floating with snowshoes on, and not at all like real running.  I absolutely love it.

A completely exhausting, but fabulous long weekend.

Anyone have a hot tub I can borrow?  My legs are like jello!