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because sometimes…

…you just need to take the night off + drown yourself in way too much Indian food.


The end.



Tuesday continued…

random facts Tuesday - part one

#14 – Stirring in 1/4t of almond extract  + 1t vanilla extract, at the end of cooking your oats, is delicious.  So is fresh ground almond butter.

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#15 – I love honey.  Just a little drizzle.  Everyday.

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#16 – A beach towel works better than plastic, to avoid getting soaked from the wet saw.

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#17 – I finished the first wall!!!!

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#18 – I zoned out and went to town on the tile today.  It brought me back to modeling days in architecture school.  I don’t miss building models.

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#19 – I may have bragged to the husband about my “U” shape saw skills.  He may have been impressed.

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#20 – I may have gotten annoyed with the beach towel water shield.

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#21 – The wet saw soaked me.  Again.

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#22 – I finished HALF of the sink wall!! 

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#23 – No tiles have fallen from the wall yet. 

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#24 – Three days ago I started adding chopped pickles to my salad.  I’m going to shed tear for every pickle-less salad I’ve ever eaten. 

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#25 – This sauce is delicious + certified gluten free!

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#26 – We had tortilla pizzas.  Again.  They were delicious.  Again.  [GF brown rice tortillas]

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#27 – I ate two. 

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#28 – I finally took 2 hours off to relax and watch a movie.

#29 – I just wasted 2 hours of my life, watching this movie.

#30 – It’s 1am.  Lights out!