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root down

I’m such a good sister.

My brother wanted to take me to a vegan + gf friendly restaurant in Lakewood, called The Root Cafe.  The only time that would work was Wednesday for lunch.  My brother works fro my dad and their lunches typically last about 30min.  Lakewood is about a 35min drive from where they work, meaning if we did this, it would take at least 2hrs of time.

I worked my daughter magic and convinced [really it wasn’t that hard] my dad to let my brother have an extended lunch today.

I’m such a good sister.

And Josh is such a good brother!  He’s been here numerous times and knew I would love it.  Boy was he right!  The moment I walked in I loved it.  It was a nice large space, with a great atmosphere inside.  It felt very cafe-like, but they also have a full food menu and turn into a bar at night.

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Their menu ranges from pizza + calzones, to burritos, salads, and sandwiches.  Most of the menu is vegan and everything [or nearly everything] can be made vegan.  There were even a handful of GF options.  A lot of the ingredients come locally and they offer in season specialties as well.  They have some standard items on the menu, but many of the items are extremely creative.  Their prices were very reasonable, especially for the fresh, high quality ingredients they are using. 

There are sandwiches with tempeh, some with hummus, loads of veggies, pizzas with kale + beets, etc.  The Root Cafe also has vegan baked goods and they had 1 GF sunbutter cookie that sounded delicious.  Next time we’ll have to go for coffee + dessert…okay, and dinner!

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I love the restaurants in Ft. Collins, but they really need an addition like this!  Affordable, delicious + extremely welcoming.  The staff was all smiles and so helpful about making sure I had something that was gluten free. 

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I decided on the beans + rice with broccoli + a ring of kale.  Beans + rice sounds kind of boring and may look a little boring too.  However, it was the perfect portion and the flavor exceeded my expectations.  Nothing was overpowering, there was the perfect amount of cheese, and the ring of kale was a great crunchy addition.  The dressing on the kale was phenomenal.  My brother agreed about my meal.  He even liked the raw kale!

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What did Josh get?  A calzone stuffed with:

  • beets
  • sweet taters
  • gorgonzola
  • provolone
  • red sauce

Somehow, that combination works.  I’m not a beet fan, but my brother raved about it.  The calzone was $10, but was gigantic, and my beans + rice were $8.

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We also ordered a side of perfectly cooked + lightly seasoned cubed sweet taters.  To not be drenched in oil or fried was miraculous.  These babies looked oven roasted!

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The roasted red potatoes were delicious as well.  I think the sides were $1.50-2.00.  Not bad at all!

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The beet calzone!

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And the guts.  Literally! 

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I was one happy foodie in this place.  We even got to talk to the super sweet owner, Julie, who reads my blog!  If you’re in the Cleveland area, you must check out this place out!

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After lunch, we headed to Nature’s Bin, a natural food store in Lakewood.  It was like a mini Whole Foods.  I love little food stores like this!!  Thanks Dad, for giving Josh a largely extended lunch!

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What else did I do today? 

  • hit up Trader Joes, to buy my favorite goodies to take home to CO
  • visited my grandma + grandpa
  • visited my other grandma
  • made a gigantic mess in the kitchen
  • started packing to go home
  • blog work

Then, after dinner, my mom, dad, aunt, AJ, Jenna + me set off to Jeni’s ice cream again.  We were about half way there when we got a phone call from my uncle saying there were severe storms headed our direction.  We looked to the left + the sky was turning darker by the second.

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We got home as quickly as possibly, with one stop on the way.

Thanks to a few readers who let me know Heinen’s carries Jeni’s ice cream!!!  We drove right past on our way home, so I stopped in and picked up a few flavors.

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We turned the TV on, and watched a lot of “tornadic” action, but luckily not much happened.  The weather around here has been extremely unpredictable lately!

After we saw that we were in the clear, I practically ran to the freezer and started digging in.

Salted caramel – it’s like a slightly burnt, salted, caramelly marshmallow

The Buckeye State – a play on “Buckeyes” choco/PB candy - fabulous, slightly gritty [in a good way] texture, filled with chocolate + pnut butter bits and a lovely vanilla ice cream

[apologies for the horribly lit + grainy photos]

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Nothing better than a food + family filled day!!  Just wish Chris could have been here.

My mom and I leave for CO tomorrow evening!

Off to continue with the packing…



splatter up

Yesterday I enjoyed a delicious lunch with one of my best friend’s Megan.  We’ve been friends since middle school, when we met playing summer softball.  We’ve stayed in touch over the years and always get together when I come home.  She has 2 kiddos and one on the way, so it was rare that we had a quiet lunch together.  Nap time is a wonderful thing. ;)  I brought in food from a Mediterranean restaurant, Aladdin’s.  I love their food and try to eat there at least once, every time I’m home.

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I have so many preggo friends right now, I can’t keep track!!  Megan is looking super cute and just found out they have a girl on the way!

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Later that night, my dad, cousin Jenna and Uncle Alan went to the Indian’s game.  Of course they lose at the game I come to, but it was still really fun.

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I used to completely stuff my face at baseball games. 

hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, cotton candy

Nowadays, I just eat my weight in peanuts! 

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We did stumble on a gluten free food stand and believe it or not they had a few vegan “hot dog” options too! 

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My dad and I have enjoyed going to games for yearrrrs.  It’s always fun to make one while I’m home!

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We both love blue. :)

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Such a fun night with part of the family!! 

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When I woke up this morning, I planned to make a large green smoothie.  There was a bunch of spinach to use up and no better way than adding it to a smoothie!

As a veteran smoothie maker, I should have known better than to carefully stick a spoon in the blender to tamp down the spinach.  I of course lost my grip of the spoon and then this happened.

10x worse in person

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It flew across to the other side of the kitchen on the pantry + fridge.  It also made quite a mess on the ceiling, wall, trim, and counter.  It took over 20min to clean.  Nothing like a lukewarm green smoothie to start your day! ;)

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I’m off again!!  Hopefully making it back to Jeni’s ice cream tonight and soaking up every last minute with the family that I can!!