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and so it goes


Progress to show you.

A little from yesterday, but mostly from today.

I started by chiseling divots into 3 cabinet shelves.

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We had to make this cabinet 3” less wide, for it to look right with our wall opening.  It would have looked goofy it if but up right along the opening edge, so my uncle macgyvered it a bit smaller.  That meant the shelves also had to be cut down, and then chiseling little depressions, so it would sit on the pegs.


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I am thrilled that all of my kitchen belongings actually FIT.  This is a first!  We really maximized the space we had.  I’m still in shock about it actually, and there is even a bit of leftover space.

On thing that I was excited about was getting this set of wood plates out of their box.  My grandma gave me these, which were a purchase on a trip to Fiji with my grandpa. :)

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Dakota watched, while I organized.

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Ahh, I figured out the puzzle of this cabinet!  Organized just how I wanted it.  This cabinet holds most of the bowls + plates you see me use for the blog.  It’s also where I store all of my mugs.  The white mugs match our dinnerware + the mugs below are things I’ve collected/been gifted over the years. 

If you are tight on space in your cabinets, but have some dead space about cups/bowls/etc, definitely check out a raised shelf insert!  You can see the one I have below.  I think it’s from Target.  I’ve had it for a long time!

I love mugs!!!

Okay…bowls + plates too!

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The shelves are in but only about 1/2 full.  Excess space probably means I should make a trip to Crate + Barrel.  Don’t you think?

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Glassware is to the left of the sink and right by the dishwasher, for easy unloading.  The bottom shelf are the glasses we use most often.  They’re pint glasses from breweries, and the “rings” set of pint glasses from Crate + Barrel.  On the 2nd shelf are our 6oz + 12oz “rings” glasses and stem-less wineglasses.  The wineglasses were $1.99 at C+B a few years back!  The 3rd shelf are mostly odd shaped glasses.  We have some funky beer glasses that can’t be stacked, so they live on the 3rd shelf.  The 4th shelf is mug overflow.  The top shelf is practically empty!!  Woohoo!

It’s best to think about what you use most often and put that on the first shelf.  I don’t mind grabbing a step stool, once in awhile, for things I don’t use frequently. 

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Our everyday plates + bowls are also right next to the dishwasher.  The top shelf holds casserole dishes and plates that I don’t use as frequently.  I definitely need a step stool to get up there!!

Again, same idea here.  The most used to least used, from the bottom up.

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The silverware drawer is directly next to the dishwasher, which I love!  I just bought a new utensil organizer, that holds a lot more than the previous one.  These organizers are around $10-20, but last forever and really do help keep things organized.  I got this one at Target, but they also have a huge selection at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  In this drawer, I also put very frequently used items, without making it too cluttered.

  • all flatware
  • measuring spoons [I have a lot and want another set…actually I just need more Tablespoons]
  • measuring cups
  • can opening
  • microplane/zester
  • silicone tongs
  • pizza blade – not used frequently, which makes this a perfect spot [under the tongs]

I use everything in this draw practically everyday!

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Garbage can pull-out!!!  I absolutely love this.  It also keeps Dakota out of our trash when we’re not home.  If we didn’t put the garbage in one of the cabinets, I’m not sure where it would have gone.  Ikea [where we got our kitchen cabinets] does not have an under-counter garbage feature.  So, I ordered one of their cabinets and fitted it out with a garbage can pull system from Lowes.  Perfecto!

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The hidden corner, lazy-susan cabinet!  I used to have all of my spices on this shelf, but I hated that they would slide around when I pulled the shelf out.  Also, since this shelf doesn’t completely pull out, I would always lose some in the back.  Now, I have loaded this up with plastic wrap, foil, sandwich bags, parchment, etc.  Oh, and popsicle molds, obviously.

I like that there is room behind, in case I pick up a few boxes before using these up.  I can store the extras easily, without “losing” them, like the small spice jars.

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Below I have:

  • vita-mix
  • mixing bowls
  • mini food processor
  • hand mixer

The vita mix is right in front, since I use it often.  I don’t mind having this tucked away in a cupboard.  I still use it just as much as if I would leave it on the counter.  I’m glad to get as many appliances “hidden” as possible!

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To the left of the dishwasher is a cabinet with 3 drawers, that have varying heights.

In the first drawer, I bought an organizer, so my spatulas, serving pieces, etc. aren’t a jumbled mess.

First divider: straws, ice cream scoop, random spoons

Second divider:  spatulas + other silicone tools

Third divider: serving spoons/forks + soup spoons

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And now my spices live in the 2nd drawer and I am LOVING their new location!!!

It’s so so so much easier to find what I’m looking for.  All of the labels are staring right up at me.  I used 4oz + 8oz mason jars [from Ace Hardware] to store almost all of my spices.  The plastic bag has overflow bulk spices, waiting to be used.  At Natural Grocers, they have a huge bagged spice section.  I love not having to buy new jars each time!  Whole Foods typically has a bulk spice section, where you can fill a bag with however much you want of each spice.  Love that too!

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The third drawer has tupperware, water bottles, + my immersion blender/hand mixer.  A little random but it works.

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To the right of the stove, are my wood mixing utensils.  I’m a huge fan of wooden spoons + spatulas!  I’m still filling this drawer with other random things that I use frequently.

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Metal utensils + olive oil on the counter.  Not sure if these will stay here…

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A few items below the stove.

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The lazy susan to the left of the stove still needs a bit more organizing.  The top shelf are frequently used items. 

  • s+p
  • nut butters
  • oil sprays
  • honey
  • bottles of sauce that don’t need refrigeration
  • etc.

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I was so excited to realize our pots + pans fit on the shelf below!!  It’s hard to tell here, but they have enough room and are very easy to access.  Woohoo!

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Under sink!

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I’m not sure where to put the stand mixer.  It matches the kitchen pretty well, so I might leave it out.  I don’t use it too frequently, but I don’t want to clog up too much cabinet space with it.

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The knife block seems SO big all of a sudden and now I wish we had the stainless version of that coffee maker. :)

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Phew!!!  Almost there.  Now I just have to tackle the pantry!!

And I’m off….




A new breakfast creation!!

Although today’s weather was chilly + dreary, all I could think about was eating this new concoction for breakfast.  I sipped vanilla black tea alongside, which made for a lovely combination.

We had leftover cooked [in water] red quinoa from Tuesday night.  I knew I wanted to make a parfait type breakfast, and I knew that quinoa would be a part of it. 

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I started to layer things up…

  • ~1/2c pre-cooked red quinoa
  • 3/4 sliced banana
  • 1/3c Helios drinkable yogurt
  • 3T raw amaranth, popped into ~1c popped amaranth 
  • 5 large organic frozen strawberries, defrosted
  • ~1/4c Helios yogurt
  • the rest of the banana

But I needed more layers, and they were not going to fit!!

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So.  What to do?  Empty it into a bowl and pour on more toppings.

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The photo factor definitely plummeted.

However, the taste was not compromised.

More quinoa + yogurt were added [~1c total of each], and a glob of peanut butter.  This was a gigantic breakfast bowl and much better than expected.  SO much to chew on!

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Note to self [and you!]:  Cooked quinoa makes a delicious part of breakfast!! 

The plain flavor of this yogurt was perfect.  It wasn’t too tart and had great consistency.

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Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some kitchen organization progress photos.  I did make some progress today, but not photo-worthy.

Here are some before photos of everything kind of just slopped into the cabinets.

I plan to buy a pan organizing rack, so they’re not all leaning on each other, which makes them hard to grab.

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The current setup for this cabinet is not working. 

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This cabinet was shelf-less until today! My uncle had to hack the cabinet down 3” to fit.  Good thing it was the hidden corner cabinet!!  You can’t tell at all.  Today I had to hack down the shelves so they would fit.  They’re in, but still empty…I have issues making organizational decisions!!

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This may look somewhat organized from a far, but if you take a closer look, it’s chaos.

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I can’t wait until that 3rd bedroom [to the right] is actually a bedroom!

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The closet shelves have been painted.  Exciting, no?

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One actual exciting thing, is that I ordered a comforter set!!!  After a ton of contemplation [I get sick of things easily], I went with one of the underdogs!  The votes were really fun to see, but it was your comments that helped me out the most.  Thank you all so much for the help!  This was so much fun. :)

Final votes: 608 votes

Option 1 – 47%

Option 2 – 23%

Option 3 – 10%

Option 4 – 6%

Option 5 – 14%

My reasons for not choosing the following options:

Option 1 – While I love the colors, the pattern was a little busy for my liking.  At first, this was the winner for me.  However, I realized I wanted something a little more contemporary.  Also, the bedroom is quite small, and I thought this busy pattern might be a bit overwhelming.  Something a little simpler, with more white, would make the room larger.  This was also the only set that was photographed completely “done-up,” with all of the pillow sand accessories, which makes it flashier + more appealing at first glance.

Option 2 – I’ve been on the brown + blue kick for awhile now.  While I love this pattern, I think I might tire of these colors.  I’m already using blue/gray in the kitchen, and didn’t want to overdo the blue.  I wanted something to contrast with the kitchen and be a little bit edgier.

Option 3 – While I love the idea of a BRIGHT green wall, I am not digging the giant black flowers at all.  I love the gray pattern, but not the black.

Option 4 – Brown + coral is another color scheme that I love.  Actually, my whole wedding was brown + coral.  It’s warm and comforting, but I want something with a little more pop!  The pattern was still a tad on the traditional side for me.

Wedding table photo :)



Option 5 – Yup, this is it!!  After hours of contemplating, reading your comments, and discussing with a few design friends, this was the winner!  I seriously have issues when it comes to getting sick of color schemes.  It even happens with my winter coats.  It’s something I really have to think through.  This comforter is not overwhelming and there are a lot of options for paint.  I’m not planning a solid accent wall, but maybe stripes.  Horizontal stripes.  I’m obsessed with looking at horizontal striped room photos.  It’s a clean look that I love and adds a bit more contemporary edge to any room.  I pulled the trigger and ordered it tonight.  The only bummer was that it’s online only, so I had to pay $12 in shipping.

Horizontal stripes anyone??  I would only paint the wall behind the bed with the stripes, and I’m still deciding [obviously] if I’m going to do stripes at all!




LOVE this look for a bathroom!



Sleep time!