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look who it is!

Dakota + Kenna got new beds the other day.  Their other beds were falling apart and way too big for our small house.  They took up too much room and attracted piles of dust + hair.

I searched around for dog mats, not wanting to spend too much money.  I almost gave up, but randomly at Costco, I found the perfect bed!

These beds are actually bath floor mats.  With memory foam.  They’re durable, extremely soft + padded, and washable.  And they’re just the right size.  Don’t let Kenna fool you.  She can fit on this bed.  Even with a larger bed, she rarely puts her body on the whole thing.

The best part?  They were $13 and the dogs love them! 

Their sleeping positions do not look comfortable.


I just don’t get this leg position below.  And above, Kenna is half twisted and her back legs are sticking out like a chicken.  It’s hard to tell, because she’s a big black blob of fur!


This morning, they looked much comfier.  And see, she fits!

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Spoiled with memory foam, at less than half the cost of most doggie mats.

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And speaking of dogs….look who the dogs found!!!

Eric + Kelsey!!!!!!

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They JUST moved to Ft. Collins the other day and literally live 4 blocks down the street from us.  I can’t wait for the shenanigans to begin!

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Kelsey likes to ride Kenna around the house like a pony.  Kenna complies.  She loves any + all attention.

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So excited that they moved here!!

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Dorky boy high five.  See Chris’s right hand with the bandaged finger?  The poor guy just had minor surgery.  He’s doing pretty well and should be back to normal in a few weeks.  We always have the most random medical issues!

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We headed to one of our favorite spots, La Luz.  10x better than Chipotle, except that Chipotle has better guac.  La Luz have numerous veggie + vegan options, as well as gluten free.  The food is always super fresh too!

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So last night, Chris and I were watching The Adjustment Bureau [great movie!].  We had the windows open, and were enjoying the cool breeze with a thunderstorm, quite a ways away in the background.  It eventually moved closer and started raining, which quickly turned into small hail, which quickly turned into marble sized hail coming down faster than I’ve ever seen!

The noise was so loud, I couldn’t believe it.  We don’t have a garage, and since Chris has a bum hand, so I ran outside with protection over my head and moved the car under a tree, in hopes of preventing hail damage.  The noise was SO scary in the car!  I ran back inside, getting pelted with hail and then we watched as it died down. 

What you see below, literally fell from the sky in about 3 minutes. 

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A lot of it was still here this morning too.  Absolutely crazy! 

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Chris took a short video of the hail coming down.  It was so much louder in person!

Such a random Thursday post, but that’s kind of how my day was!  Next week we’re heading to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.  Are any readers heading to that as well??  I have to come up with some way to post while we’re there, as I’ll be gone for about 5 days!  I’m thinking of posting on the husband’s iPhone, with updates of what we’re doing/seeing/eating a few times each day.  Might be kind of a fun change! 

Off to relax…or maybe even read…and then bed!

Happy Friday!



golden buckeye

In Ohio, when you turn 60, you’re qualified for the Golden Buckeye Card.  This entitles you to discounts at certain merchants around Ohio.  At age 60, you’re also eligible for discounts at Kohls, on Tuesdays.  Some might be scared to hit this landmark birthday, but I say, hit me up with the discounts!!!

Although hard to believe, my parents both hit their Golden birthdays this year.  I do not think they look 60!

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Time to get the hanky out, Dad!

Today is my dad’s birthday, and I wanted to share some photos + memories.  Dad’s are the best at knowing just how to embarrass their daughters.  Right dad?  But they’re also the best at giving advice and being there at the drop of a hat.


My dad has always been a letter writer, and an email chain letter forwarder.

Whenever I was having a hard time with something, whether it was school, work, or sports, my dad would always write a letter, seal it in an envelope and send it my way.  Even in college + my most recent trip home, the letter writing continues.

Sometimes I got letters after making a bad or tough decision.  Sometimes I got letters of support and fatherly love.  Sometimes I got motivational letters.  Sometimes, they were just to say how proud he was of me.


The letters are always welcomed + appreciated. 


I feel so lucky to have been walked down the aisle by my dad, and handed over to the huz.  My dad never gave me a hard time about dating, which was so nice.  He trusted me!  And he trusts + loves Chris.  Although, that may only be because Chris is an avid golfer, just like my dad. ;)


One of my favorite wedding shots, was dad tripping over my dress.  He managed not to fall, and didn’t rip my dress!


This photo reminds me of our “daddy daughter date nights.”  It was a school function, where girls + their dads would get dressed up, eat + then go dancing.


My dad and I have SO much in common.  One commonality being our love for cooking!  He’s also one of my biggest blog supporters, along with my mom. :) 

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Remember my luxurious dinner party?  Dad’s outfit was priceless.  You can also catch him in this getup a few times a year golfing. 

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So, I just wanted to give a BIG birthday shout out to my dad!!!  Happppppppppy BIRTHDAY!!!  Love you so much!!  Here’s to many more healthy + happy years!!!  Can’t wait to see you in a little over a month!

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