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garbage day

Definite progress was made today!  The kitchen table is now functioning as a table, instead of a mock-kitchen, or place to set 5 million things on.  I was getting so overwhelmed just from all of the clutter.  The 2nd bedroom is still loaded with boxes but at least we can move freely around our bedroom and the living/dining/kitchen areas. 

This morning, I tried another new breakfast combination. 

3T Scottish oats + 1T raw buckwheat groats + 2T oat bran

The oat bran did amazing things to the texture!  Very thick and creamy.  Definite winner!  I prepared this bowl very simply.  A few weeks ago, I tried cooking my oats with only water, or milk + water, and loved the change.  Instead of whisking a banana during cooking, I started adding them on top.  I can’t say I like one way better than the other, but it’s fun to change things up.

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I use a lot of liquid when cooking any type of hot breakfast cereal.  With this mix, I used 1.5c total and split it half water + half almond milk.  The plain flavor of the oats is just lovely.  It took about 12min to cook, whisking occasionally. 

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I tried another protein powder today, when I returned home from the pool.  The protein of choice, was NutriBiotic Rice Protein, in the vanilla flavor.  [nutritional information here] I was glad to see there was no added stevia or sugar in this mix. 

Into the Vita went:

  • 1c almond milk [unsweetened]
  • ~8 organic strawberries
  • 1T chia seeds
  • 1 packet rice protein
  • 1.5t maca powder

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And out of the Vita, came this!

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What I liked about this protein powder, was that there was no grit + no stevia.  It was nice and smooth without the funky sweetness.  The powder turned the smoothie pretty bland, though.  I am definitely still liking the Garden of Life, plain Raw Protein the best so far!  I liked the flavor [even though it was just the plain], nutritional facts, it being raw + unprocessed, stellar ingredient list, and that it’s a complete protein.  I still have a few others on my list I want to try out though!

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I was really happy to get rid of a HUGE box today, that we’ve had around since our wedding.  It held this super adorable platter, that my aunt, uncle + cousins painted for Chris + me.  As you can see it is quite large and takes up 3/4 of our stove.  We’ve never had a big enough cabinet to store it, but now we do! 

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I got busy on another kitchen project today as well.  This only took about 1.5hrs and turned out to be pretty fabulous.  We planned on installing a pull out garbage cabinet, when we made our order from Ikea.  For some reason Ikea doesn’t sell these cabinets, so with the help of Lowes, I made my own.

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I also bought the extra door mount pieces, so it all pulls out at once.  The only problem we might run into is the sturdiness.  This was made for an under-sink cabinet, with shorter doors.  The extra length in the door might cause a problem with the constant pulling in + out.  We shall see!(6 of 10)

Because it was made for a shorter cabinet, it also came with a pretty small garbage can.  I checked to see if our old can would fit and it did! 

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Oooooh, a garbage can.  Exhilarating!

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A better shot [sort of…bad light!] of the door/drawer pulls.  Same as the dishwasher!

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It’s so nice to have all of the handles on! 

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It is most definitely time for bed. 

Watch out for a hump-day givewaaaaaaaay tomorrow!!



kitchen review: faucet

I’m hoping to do a series of posts on our bigger kitchen purchases, if you’re interested in hearing about them.  A lot of people have asked about the appliances we chose, so I thought doing these reviews would be a fun way to give you our thoughts.  I will probably also do this for other house items as well, once we move beyond the kitchen.

The first product I’ll be reviewing is our kitchen faucet.  About 2 months ago, I received an extremely exciting email.  Moen contacted me, asking if I would be interested in trying out one of their spot-resistant faucets, in our kitchen.

Um, what?  Free faucet?  Free amazing + aesthetically pleasing faucet, that I couldn’t otherwise afford?  Where do I sign? 

After jumping up + down with excitement [literally] + calling Chris squealing, I started to check out their products.  I was told I could choose from the spot-resistant stainless line, which had a wide variety of options and was exactly what we were looking for.  Our original budget for a faucet was $200.  After a lot of researching [before hearing about this offer] I didn’t come even close to finding anything I liked as much as this Moen faucet.

*I also want to note that Moen sent me the faucet in exchange [only] for a completely honest review.  All of these thoughts are from my own personal experience and are written with 100% honesty.

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Within minutes, I had the “Boutique” faucet picked out. 

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I love the gooseneck look and the clean, yet rounded lines.  I couldn’t wait to have a built in soap dispenser, either.  I always hate having a soap container sitting on the counter.  It always turns into a goopy, soapy mess.

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The handle moves extremely easily, but is not overly sensitive.  It pushes back for hot water and pushes out, to the right, for a stronger stream.

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The spray feature is also nice and I like that it is a part of the faucet instead of a separate extension, putting another hole in the counter.

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The neck also moves all the way to the left and right, which is convenient when cleaning the sink, or if you have a massive dish pile.

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So far, the extension handle is working really well.  It pulls down easily and seals back into the main faucet without a problem.

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Behind the disposal [which so far is AMAZING…more info soon!]….

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…you will see the weight that helps suck the extension handle back into place.

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The soap dispenser takes a LOT of soap.  I’m not sure on the exact amount, but I used almost 1/2 of one of the large soap refill bottles and didn’t even fill it to the top!

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The style fits in perfectly with our kitchen.  It will look about 100x better when we have window trim and backsplash. :)

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And my favorite thing about it??  So far, it definitely resists annoying water spots!!  I did not clean the faucet for this post.  I let it air-dry from the last time I used it.  I can’t believe how great it still looks!  One of my biggest kitchen cleaning pet peeves, was seriously, spots on the faucet.  It always looked so pretty after cleaning, and then back to being full of spots minutes later!

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Thanks Moen!!  We are loving our new faucet!!  I will keep you all updated if anything changes with the faucet.  If it starts to look spotty, or if we notice any other issues, you will hear about it!

Now a little bedroom update.

While I’m not on to the decorating yet, and things look extremely “blah,” I at least did some cleaning today.  New nightstands are in place and so much less bulky than the old ones, which were coincidentally from Ikea as well.  The old nightstands will be moved to the spare bedroom.  We will soon be adding a down comforter and duvet cover.  I can’t wait to say goodbye to this very cheap [$30 from Target] and thin comforter.  It was supposed to be temporary, but we’ve been using it for over a year now.  

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This was taken about a week ago, and since then, the bedroom become even more cluttered.  There is nothing more frustrating then stepping over boxes to get to your bed, or hitting your shin on them in the middle of the night.

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It’s hard to tell but there is a good amount of space between the bed and dresser.  It does not feel cramped at all, which I was worried about.

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I cannot wait to add some color!!  And drapes!!  I think our neighbors would appreciate us getting blinds or drapes as well!

The bedroom looks out onto our [closed-in] porch, which is currently being used as a giant storage area.

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I already have an overflowing laundry basket on my hands.  I just did 5 giant loads last week!  Granted, the basket does have a kind-sized set of sheets and quite a few towels in there as well but still!

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So far we are in love with this dresser!  We split it equally and can’t believe how much it holds.  The drawers are deep + sturdy. 

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I think I’m off for a swim.  I did a killer workout yesterday and need a good stretch in the pool!

Hope you’re enjoying the week so far.