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Early morning mishap

With an 8:20 flight and a 1hr 10min ride to the airport, being out the door by 5:30am was our goal. We made it by 5:38, but ended up hitting quite a bit more traffic then expected, on route to Denver.

We were still fine time wise and although I was pretty tired, I didn't fall asleep in the car. Or so I thought.

I remember becomming really sleepy as we approached the airport. I saw the sign for Pena Blvd. which is the exit that takes you directly into the airport. It's also about 10miles long.

All of a sudden, I wake up, from "not sleeping," to Chris saying he thinks he missedhe exit. I said "you're not on Pena? I saw that exit awhile ago!". I literally must have fallen asleep right after passing the sign. Chris does about 90% of the driving, and I never worry about him falling asleep or anything like that. Where as with me it's a different story.

He was so glazed over, that he completely missed the sign + exit and went a good 15 miles past. Luckily this is a quick trip, and we didn't have any bags to check, but we were still nervous. We turned around, with the clock at 7am. We had a good 10min + the drive on Pena, parking the car, waiting for a shuttle, and making our way through the very large airport.

We made it to the security line by 7:25am, but the line was pretty long, and we still had to catch the tram to the gate. We got to gate A 48 at 7:55 only to find out the gate changed. The one time I don't double check on the TV's it of course changes. We start sprinting to the opposite end of the gate. Chris got a good head start and I was in flip flops, with my computer bag and rolling carryon. Quite the sight I'm sure. I resorted to a fast walk so I wouldn't lose my sandals and finally made it to the gate. They just started boarding.



Now sprint to fill up my water bottle, go to the bathroom and buy a bagel for Chris. Thanks to the people who let me jump the bagel line. :)

Never a dull moment! Im sure you all have a similar story or two?

Moral of the story? Should have made that coffee to go!

I was planning on a delicious Jamba Juice smoothie, but resorted to eating some of my packed snacks instead.

Nut butters, protein powder, dark chocolate, oat bran, pnut butter granola bars, cranberries/walnuts/almonds, Mary's crackers, and Love Grown Foods cocoa goodness granola.



The dogs are at home, being taken care of by K+E. Quick trip but I miss them!



Packing dress clothes in a carry on is always fun!


Oh and check out my sweet tan lines from my vibrams!


Time to get ready for the rehearsal!


number three

After coming home from 5 days of camping, unpacking + cleaning, then packing again for another trip, the last thing I had time for was making a nice anniversary dinner.  We also ate quite a few meals out while at the festival, so we weren’t in the mood to go out.

Enter Kelsey, my anniversary dinner chef!

Kelsey + Eric invited us over for dinner and the timing couldn’t have been better.  She even popped some bubbly for the occasion.  I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for her, we would have been dining on gluten free mac n’ cheese instead. 

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While the food cooked, we took a few “three year” photos.  Are we looking a bit cleaner since the last time you saw us? :)

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I cannot believe 3 years of marriage have already gone by.  If you missed it, I’ve recapped our wedding here + here and talked about our adventurous Ireland honeymoon, here!  We’ve been together for almost 8.5 years now, which is incredibly hard to believe.  Time seems to move faster each + every year.

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We’ve had a lot of big changes in the past 2 years.

  • leaving my architecture job in Charlotte
  • moving to Colorado and living with Pat + Nat
  • moving to Denver
  • Chris finding a job in Ft. Collins
  • moving to Ft. Collins
  • buying a house!
  • trying to blog, write, cook + photograph for a living

And those are just the big things.  I know for certain, that I would not have gotten through all of those big life changes without Chris.  He’s incredibly supportive + loving in all aspects of our life. 

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I feel so lucky.  Each + every day.  With Chris by my side.

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A few of my favorite photos…






Now where was I…


Kelsey made a lovely mixed greens salad with an OUTstanding homemade dressing.

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Here is the ingredient list straight from Kelsey herself:

evoo + garlic + cider vinegar + salt + pepper + basil + honey + splash of yellow mustard –> blended in the magic bullet

No exact measurements were used.  Probably about equal parts oil + vinegar and then just add + taste, then add some more to your liking!  Divine!

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For dinner?

Veggie risotto!!!  Fresh asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms + tomatoes were added. 

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The texture was perfection.  Creamy, chewy, flavorful, and crunchy from the veggies.  What more could you ask for?

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With a little parmesan on top, this bowl was complete perfection.  For the recipe, check this post!  For this version, Kelsey used organic veggie broth instead of chicken broth. 

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For dessert, Kelsey + I popped up some p-corn.  A nice light dessert that was fun to munch on while we talked.

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Kelsey dressed half of the p-corn with butter and salt and the other half with butter, cinnamon + sugar.  I think I ate 3/4 of the cinnamon sugar bowl.  I’m a cinnamon sugar freak!  Love it!

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An anniversary spent with friends was a fun way to celebrate our day.  And I didn’t have to clean one dish!!  Thanks to my homegirl. ;)

Off to bed, for an early 4:45am alarm to head to the airport!