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lemony gingery goodness

Obviously, by now, the chocolate coconut balls have completely vanished.  Also something to note.  Yesterday it was 50* and right now there is a blizzard outside.  Ohhhhh Colorado!

As much as I liked that version, I wanted to try something new.  Being on a bit of a lemon kick, with this detox that I’m on, I figured incorporating lemon into a date + nut bar was the obvious thing to do.  I don’t think the lemon in this will work like the lemon in warm lemon water, but I’m sure it will still do you some good!  I’ve also incorporated another tummy pleaser, ginger.  My favorite Larabar is the Lemon flavor, but I wanted to spice things up a bit with a gingery bite.

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Things to note about dates:

  1. You must use medjool dates!!  I’ve used other dates before and they just don’t work the same or taste as good.  Specifically, Deglet dates, look somewhat the same but are not nearly as sticky and don’t taste too great.
  2. To pit a date, carefully slice down the center of the date, until you hit the pit.  Peel back with your fingers and pluck out the date.
  3. Store your dates in an airtight container in the fridge if you plan on having them around for a few weeks or more.
  4. If your dates were kept in the cupboard and seem a bit dry, you’ll just need to add a few more.
  5. If your mixture is not holding together, once you’ve pulsed it all together, you need more dates.  Empty the contents and process 2-3 more dates.  Then add the mixture back in and pulse a few more times.  If it sticks together, you’re good to go!
  6. Medjool dates are super ooey gooey and almost taste pumpkiny in a way.
  7. They remind me of cockroaches which I try not to let gross me out!

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Processed dates.

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Mixture fully processed.

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The mixture should be sticky enough that you can form into 1 large ball.

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Place a large piece of saran under the ball, flip saran over the top and flatten + shape with your hand + fingers.

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I formed a nice rectangle by flattening and pressing the sides with my hands, so the thickness would remain even.  A rolling pin may help but is not necessary.

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Ready to cut!

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It’s about 1/3-1/2” in thickness.

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Lemon Ginger Date Bars [yields ~10, 1” x 3” x 1/2” bars]

  • 1c ground almonds
  • 2/3c lightly packed ground medjool dates [~10-14, depending on size and dryness]
  • 1/2t powdered ginger [optional]
  • 2t lemon zest [the bright yellow part only]
  • 1T fresh squeezed lemon juice
  1. Grind almonds with a food processor, until mealy, and measure out 1c.  Roughly a little over 1c whole almonds will yield 1c ground.
  2. Empty into a bowl.
  3. Process dates until very small sticky pieces are left.  See photo above.
  4. Combine nuts with dates, add ginger + lemon zest.
  5. Pulse until well combined. ~10-15 pulses
  6. Add lemon juice + pulse again, until combined.
  7. If the mixture can hold together if you try to form a ball, it’s done.  If not pulse a few more time and test again.  If it’s still not working, you probably need a few more dates.  Start with 2-3.  Empty the contents of the food processor and processed 2-3 dates.  Add combined mixture back in and pulse.  Test again to see if it holds together.
  8. Form into a large ball and place on a large sheet of saran wrap.
  9. Cover the top of the ball with the saran and start to press out, shaping with your hands.
  10. Flatten and shape into desired shape.
  11. Cut, wrap in saran, and store in the fridge.

It can be a little tricky getting the ratio of dates correct.  Once you do, the mixture should be able to form a large ball without falling apart, as pictured above.

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I couldn’t stop taking little bites of these when they were finished!  The lemon is super refreshing and they’re nice and sweet from the dates.  The almonds give it a great crunch and the ginger gives it a nice little warming kick.

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If you don’t feel like forming into bars, feel free to roll into balls.

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Wrap + store in the fridge or even the freezer.

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Happy tastebuds!  Enjoy!


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bare with me

This post is a completely random slew of photos from the past 2 days.  Bare with me, it’s quite random! [yes, bare…not bear…b/c things are looking kind of bare around here! ;)]

Well, I finished my can of pumpkin.  In the best way possible.  Seriously. 

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Angela is going to be SO proud.  I even made it overflow!

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I thought it was pretty hilarious that the day I made overnight oats, I wake up to the temp’s in the 50’s with a high of 70 degrees.  Whatever.  I enjoyed my hot coffee even more!  And this was just OUT of this world.  I literally felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast. 

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I put a slight spin on Angela’s Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Overnight Oats.  It goes as follows…

Chocolate Pumpkin Overnight Oats

  • 3T rolled oats + 3T oat bran
  • 1c milk of choice [I used hemp milk + added an extra splash or two in the AM]
  • 2T chia seeds
  • 1T rounded unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • 1/2c pumpkin
  • 1/2t vanilla extract
  • dash of nutmeg + ginger
  1. Stir everything together, cover + store in the fridge overnight.
  2. Stir in the morning.

Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1T pnut butter
  1. Let spin in your food processor for a ~2min.  Scrape bowl as necessary.

Topped with cacao nibs.  Layer + scarf.

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I picked up a cupcake from Whole Foods for a header photo shoot I was doing.  I was more than excited to eat the cupcake after the photos were taken.

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I actually took this bite on purpose for one of the photos.  You’ll see soon ;)  However, I practically spit it out.  This is the 2nd time I’ve been completely disappointed with Whole Foods cupcakes.  The cupcake was extremely dry, spongy and too airy.  The frosting was SO sweet, I thought my teeth were going to fall out…just from that 1 little bite!!!  Ick.

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Did you see Ashley’s post on how to make chai tea at home??  Ever since that post, I’ve been dreaming about chai tea!! 

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Chris bought me this chai mix for our anniversary and wow is it delicious.  I made it on the stovetop by boiling with water + hemp milk, bringing to a boil, then simmering, them filtering into a mug.  It hit the spot!

FYI – Rishi makes amazing teas.  I’ve been impressed with every one I’ve tried.

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Then, I made two “larabar” recipes but did a bad job documenting.  Oooops.  I’ll still tell you about them though!  The first was Mama Pea’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and it was nothing short of amazing.  I’ve had the cookie dough Larabar and this far exceeded it.

You can definitely under or over process this “dough.”  I tried using my vitamix + food processor.  I thought the processor was easier because the date-goo seemed to get stuck under the blender blade.  I think you could even use a mini food processor for this, but don’t hold me to it! ;)

The final texture you want is sticky.  If it seems dry, pulse a few more times and see if it holds together better.  Be careful not to over-process or you will be left with an oily mess.  I did this and I’m not sure if it was oil from the nuts or dates or what, but it was gross.  I also find it easier to roll this into balls, like Kelsey balls!!  If for some reason it’s still not holding together chop up a few dates and then pulse them into the mix.  That should help!

Below is my variation.  Both tasted like straight up cookie dough but this one is….

Coconut Cookie Dough Balls/Bars

  • 1c walnuts
  • 2/3c chopped, pitted dates
  • 1/3t fine ground sea salt
  • 1t vanilla
  • 1T coconut oil [or coconut butter]
  • 2-3T unsweetened shredded coconut
  1. Process nuts until sand-like and empty into a bowl.
  2. Pulse dates, salt, vanilla, oil + coconut until well combined. ~30sec
  3. Add in ground walnuts and process/pulse until sticky + clumping together. 
  4. Roll into balls.
  5. Refrigerate.

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Don’t I have enough to pack + clean already?

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Why do I do this to myself? ;)

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I was having a major kitchen itch and still am!  Hoping to make a few more things this week and keep going with the packing. 

Also went for a 3.25 mile walk/run with Ann today and then about another 2 miles with the doggles. Aaand many trips up + down stairs.  The kitchen was closed for dinner.  We headed to our favorite spot, Vine street and then out for my first Froyo.  I know…I know…where have I been ;)  Twas’ delicious.