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A new breakfast creation!!

Although today’s weather was chilly + dreary, all I could think about was eating this new concoction for breakfast.  I sipped vanilla black tea alongside, which made for a lovely combination.

We had leftover cooked [in water] red quinoa from Tuesday night.  I knew I wanted to make a parfait type breakfast, and I knew that quinoa would be a part of it. 

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I started to layer things up…

  • ~1/2c pre-cooked red quinoa
  • 3/4 sliced banana
  • 1/3c Helios drinkable yogurt
  • 3T raw amaranth, popped into ~1c popped amaranth 
  • 5 large organic frozen strawberries, defrosted
  • ~1/4c Helios yogurt
  • the rest of the banana

But I needed more layers, and they were not going to fit!!

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So.  What to do?  Empty it into a bowl and pour on more toppings.

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The photo factor definitely plummeted.

However, the taste was not compromised.

More quinoa + yogurt were added [~1c total of each], and a glob of peanut butter.  This was a gigantic breakfast bowl and much better than expected.  SO much to chew on!

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Note to self [and you!]:  Cooked quinoa makes a delicious part of breakfast!! 

The plain flavor of this yogurt was perfect.  It wasn’t too tart and had great consistency.

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Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some kitchen organization progress photos.  I did make some progress today, but not photo-worthy.

Here are some before photos of everything kind of just slopped into the cabinets.

I plan to buy a pan organizing rack, so they’re not all leaning on each other, which makes them hard to grab.

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The current setup for this cabinet is not working. 

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This cabinet was shelf-less until today! My uncle had to hack the cabinet down 3” to fit.  Good thing it was the hidden corner cabinet!!  You can’t tell at all.  Today I had to hack down the shelves so they would fit.  They’re in, but still empty…I have issues making organizational decisions!!

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This may look somewhat organized from a far, but if you take a closer look, it’s chaos.

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I can’t wait until that 3rd bedroom [to the right] is actually a bedroom!

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The closet shelves have been painted.  Exciting, no?

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One actual exciting thing, is that I ordered a comforter set!!!  After a ton of contemplation [I get sick of things easily], I went with one of the underdogs!  The votes were really fun to see, but it was your comments that helped me out the most.  Thank you all so much for the help!  This was so much fun. :)

Final votes: 608 votes

Option 1 – 47%

Option 2 – 23%

Option 3 – 10%

Option 4 – 6%

Option 5 – 14%

My reasons for not choosing the following options:

Option 1 – While I love the colors, the pattern was a little busy for my liking.  At first, this was the winner for me.  However, I realized I wanted something a little more contemporary.  Also, the bedroom is quite small, and I thought this busy pattern might be a bit overwhelming.  Something a little simpler, with more white, would make the room larger.  This was also the only set that was photographed completely “done-up,” with all of the pillow sand accessories, which makes it flashier + more appealing at first glance.

Option 2 – I’ve been on the brown + blue kick for awhile now.  While I love this pattern, I think I might tire of these colors.  I’m already using blue/gray in the kitchen, and didn’t want to overdo the blue.  I wanted something to contrast with the kitchen and be a little bit edgier.

Option 3 – While I love the idea of a BRIGHT green wall, I am not digging the giant black flowers at all.  I love the gray pattern, but not the black.

Option 4 – Brown + coral is another color scheme that I love.  Actually, my whole wedding was brown + coral.  It’s warm and comforting, but I want something with a little more pop!  The pattern was still a tad on the traditional side for me.

Wedding table photo :)



Option 5 – Yup, this is it!!  After hours of contemplating, reading your comments, and discussing with a few design friends, this was the winner!  I seriously have issues when it comes to getting sick of color schemes.  It even happens with my winter coats.  It’s something I really have to think through.  This comforter is not overwhelming and there are a lot of options for paint.  I’m not planning a solid accent wall, but maybe stripes.  Horizontal stripes.  I’m obsessed with looking at horizontal striped room photos.  It’s a clean look that I love and adds a bit more contemporary edge to any room.  I pulled the trigger and ordered it tonight.  The only bummer was that it’s online only, so I had to pay $12 in shipping.

Horizontal stripes anyone??  I would only paint the wall behind the bed with the stripes, and I’m still deciding [obviously] if I’m going to do stripes at all!




LOVE this look for a bathroom!



Sleep time!


new product

Another packed lunch, gobbled up in the sunshine!  The weather has been amazing here for the past week or so.  Tonight, however, it’s supposed to snow.  We had a few snowstorms in April last year and even one in May!  I don’t really mind the random spring storms because we have such nice spurts of sunny weather in the 60’s and 70’s. 

I found the latest + greatest yogurt invention at Whole Foods the other day. 

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Has anyone seen this???  I have been waiting for an almond-based yogurt product!  It’s finally here!!  There were 3 different flavors of Amande at Whole Foods.  I’m finding it crazy right now that I cannot pull up any sort of website or online information for this company!!  Has anyone found anything?  I can just find a few reviews.  Very odd!

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The yogurt has live cultures, 2g fiber, 6g fat, 160 calories, 14g sugars, and 3g protein. 

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So, how did it taste?  It had an excellent almond and cherry flavor.  The cherry wasn’t overpowering and the sweetness was perfect.  Once stirring completely, I enjoyed the texture.  It’s definitely different than typical yogurt.  It was very light and smooth.  It’s wasn’t runny at all, like I expected.  At first bite, before stirring, I would say it was a little gummy or slippery in texture…if that makes sense.  While it’s ingredient list is short, it does include things like rice starch, locust bean gum, and a few others I can’t remember.  However, after stirring and taking a few bites, I loved it.

I’ve never had soy yogurt and am not sure what the nutritional profile is, but in comparison to coconut yogurt, I like it more.  You could mix in a million different things, like flax + chia seeds, to bump up the protein as well.  I’m anxious to hear if any of you have tried this and what your thoughts are.  This definitely won’t be an everyday purchase for me, but once in awhile, sure!  Actually, I think I want to try making this at home!

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Time to get back to you know where!!! [the house and/or Home Depot + Lowes]