the rest of yesterday

The continuation of last night’s post that I just couldn’t finish.  I almost fell asleep with the computer on my lap :)

I went to work out when I would normally eat lunch, but I was itching to get to the gym.  I wanted to get there when most people aren’t so I could stay on the bike longer than 20min! 

I tried this new bar to hold me over during my workout.  I have seen them for awhile and have been wanting to try them out.  I’m a huuuge fan of hemp products for a slew of reasons.  But ONE biggee is that it is really environmentally friendly to harvest!  Maybe I’ll make a hemp post sometime soon :)

My workout?  So I walked .75m to the gym –> rode the bike for 48min changing up the resistance every few minutes while reading Born To Run – which I just started, love, and recommend to EVERYONE!! –> walked 2.25m around the park and home  - Feelin great!

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So how was it?  I think I literally made a “whoa” face when I bit into it.  The texture was way different than I thought!  It was pretty light but had an awesome crunch/chew factor going on.  The texture was seriously perfection in my mind.  However, the flavor was kind of bland.  I liked that it wasn’t too sweet but it was just kind of plain as far as flavor goes.  The other flavors, like peanut butter banana, might be better.  Awesome ingredient list.  I would definitely recommend checking them out :)

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When I got home I decided to make a veg-tastic very late lunch.  I consulted Clean Food, obviously.

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The cutest little shitake mushrooms.  Colorado local baby!!

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All dressed up and ready to go!  fennel + b. sprouts + shitakes + garlic + o. oil + other deliciousness

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Lunch was LATE and I was STARVING and didn’t realize the veggies needed to roast for 50min.  Ooops.  So I had some of Monday’s deelicious leftovers.  Yummo

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Ummmm roasted Fennel is insanely delicious!

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rut row.  :(  I’m still scraping this pan.  Maybe if I would have used the suggested glass or ceramic pan I wouldn’t have had this problem.  Duh.

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And then there was more food.  Aaaand the most amazing toast was born!!

  • awesome bread
  • ~1T almond butter
  • ~1t coconut butter
  • 1t jam
  1. toast bread –> melt butters in the microwave –> spread –> jam on top
  2. prepare to send your mouth into a pleasure frenzy

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And then there was wine…

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Natalie, Ann and I went to an awesome cozy wine bar in Denver called Sketch.  I loved the atmosphere!

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Byeeee Ann….she’s off to Europe for 3 weeks! weeeeeeeeee 

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Chris + Chris came by and ordered cheese. Obviously.

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Helllloooo amazing lavish crackers.  Whoa.  I ate the whole pile along with the figs on the other plate.  This was dinner along with the rest of Monday’s leftovers and a bowl of cereal when I got home.  hehehe 

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My food model, Chris Kurtz.

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Blurry but cute husband.

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Time to keep on keepin on with my toooo dooooo list!!! I am LOVING all of the comments you’re leaving me for the giveaway!!! Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!   

Happpppppppy HumpDay!