yo’ mamma

My mom’s here!!  Yipee :)  We met her in the airport, before she got to baggage claim.  She wasn’t expecting us to be there which is always fun.  It’s a good thing we showed up too because DEN airport is HUGE and a little confusing.  No pics with mom yet though..we scurried off to dinner and of course took her to Vine Street.  We just wanted something quick and easy and delicious…and that it was!  I had their special, the Boom Boom Sandwich.  What a weird name??  Portabella shroom + roasted pepps + pesto + mixed greens + ciabatto bread [from local bakery]   WOw…was it good.  I find it RARE that I get a good bella burger at a restaurant.  It’s always soggy and makes the bun wet..this was perfect!!!!  I also had a side of delicious vegan tortilla soup. MMMM  2 thumbs UP!

Before all of that…

I got up and had eggs + toast and then hit the gym for a 50min bike workout.

Then I got my farm fresh eggs at the market...mmmmm

Then came home to get my CLEAN on for a few hours.  I used my new cleaning products which were seriously awesome.  The tub cleaner worked like a charm in the bathtub and it smelled fabulous from the castile soap. 

Lunch was: sauteed broccoli, peppers, portobella in an Ezekial wrap smeared with tomato paste

I am LOVING tomato paste as a topping. 

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Siggi’s was on sale so I bought 2 flavors.  It was my first time trying it out.  Thick does not even begin to describe the texture.  It was almost as thick as cream cheese.  WAY thicker than Greek Yogurt.  There was a little too much ginger flavor in this, but I’m not the biggest fan of ginger…not sure why I chose this flavor ;)  If you like ginger you will LOVE this.

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1 container has 120cals – 0g fat – 16g protein – 10g sugar  --> IMPRESSIVE 

It’s hard to believe there is no fat in this with how thick it is.  There was no drip action with this yogurt.  Ohhhhh, I have been trying to think of how to describe the texture and I just thought of it.  CHEESECAKE…exactly like cheesecake! ;)

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I forgot to tell you guys that I found a Larabar I reallllly like.  I have tried almost every single flavor and really only like peanut butter + jelly, pecan pie, banana bread and maybe 1 other.  I’m just not the biggest fan because I think most just taste like dates and aren’t too different from one another.  However, this LEMON larabar was just fabulous.  I haaaaated the tropical fruit flavor but completely adored this one.  Very refreshing!

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Everyone is already up in bed..it was a long day for everyone!

Not sure what we’re doing tomorrow??  We’re going to do some type of Happy Spring/Easter dinner tomorrow night but I haven’t planned any of it yet..haha, a little last minute ;)