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A few more things

Im home, showered and well rested. Camping trips are the worst to unpack from. So many things to empty, clean and put away. Its worth it though!

Im posting one more time from the iphone because i have quite a few more photos to share. Before our sunday hike, we took the free gondola up the mountain to the telluride ski village. The views on the way up were incredible. The photos, taken through the blurry windows, dont do it justice but you get the idea.





Just a little 15million dollar house. No big deal..




After the gondola rode, the hike, music and a lot of rain, we decided to walk into town for dinner. We tried to eat at Brown Dog Pizza but were literally denied service. There werent many people waiting, so we dont really know why they would do that. We went there specifically because they offer gluten free pizza. Oh well, no such luck!

Then we headed across the street the LaCocina de Luz, which ended up being my favorite Mexican restautant meal ever. They use a lot of local, organic ingredients, which always scores big in my books! The quality and freshness, of all the food, was great.

I ordered veggie enchiladas, with GF corn tortillas. They were packed with veggies and the amount of cheese was just right. The rice was outstanding and even my side salad was delicious. It had fresh jicama on top!

I couldnt get over how good this meal was!




Chris had fish tacos and he loved them. Ali and Hovan also really enjoyed their meals.



Dinner domination!

We got up early monday morning to pack up and start the 8 hour drive home. We took the more scenic route which was so much fun. A lot of the drive was so green and lush, swhich is not typical Colorado.


This lake went on for days!




We stopped about half way into the trip for lunch. Ann and Kurtz were close behind so they met up with us too. We stopped in Salida, Co which wad a super cute town. We stumblef on a restaurant called Laughing Ladies that was amazing. The polenta salad sounded to die for, and it was! GF too! Definitely need to recreate this at home!


We made it home, showered and then met our friends at Bann Thai to celebrate Peters birthday. I ordered the penang curry with tofu and loved it!



Eric and Kelsey were there too!




Great end to a great week! And it didnt stop there. Today is our third wedding anniversary! We had nothing planned since we just got back from the festival but we still had a fabulous night! More on that tomorrow!




Recipes for Ashley

Remember last week when I started, “Recipes for Mom?”

Well, while I was in Telluride, my mom prepared a guest post, with a recipe for ME!  I thought this was incredibly cute + clever and I obviously had to share it with you guys!!  Plus, it looks delicious + easy!

She even took food photos!! 


From my mom:

I decided to "healthify" my burrito recipe which I got from a friend back in 1975, when Ashley's dad and I lived in Fort Collins, after we got married.  So, ground chuck was removed and TJ's tempeh was substituted.  After getting some tempeh cooking advice from Ashley, on her way to Telluride, here's how it came down:

I browned a package of TJ's original flavor tempeh (sprinkled with garlic powder, Lawry's seasoned salt, and TJ's Mexican seasoning mix) in 2 tbs EVOO.  Then added a cup or more of fresh diced tomatoes, and soon after 1/2 cup corn, and 1/2 cup diced onions.  Cooked this on medium, until most of the tomato liquid was absorbed.

I microwaved 1/2 can of organic "black" refried beans (1st time used) and then spread some in the middle of 2 *flour tortillas.  After, put several spoons of the tempeh mixture on the beans, and sprinkled with shredded **Mexican 4 cheeses.  Rolled up the tortillas and turned seam side down on a baking pan, and baked for about 8 min. at 325, just until edges start to brown.

Removed from oven and sprinkled on more cheese, along with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, sliced black olives, mild salsa, and a few dollops of light **sour cream.

All I can say is "delish", and we didn't even miss the meat in it.  Also, have enough leftover for 2 more burritos!  Tempeh score!

*Note: If Ashley was here, I would have used GF or brown rice tortillas.

**Note: Mama Pea might enjoy this recipe too, with soy cheese and sour cream!  (-;







I could go for one of these right about now!  [The little waffle stack is an oven timer, in case you were wondering. ;)]


Mmmm…the cantaloupe also looks delish!


Thanks for this post, Mom!!   I haven’t made tempeh burritos in way too long.  Can’t wait to give this a try!!

Off to finish catching up + get in a good workout at the gym.  We’re headed to Illinois on Thursday, for a wedding.  Never a dull moment!