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prep day!

Kelsey and I went on a 5hr errand trip today.  It was insane!

  • Target
  • Natural Grocers
  • REI
  • Great Harvest
  • Chase + Wells Fargo banks
  • Whole Foods
  • Performance Bicycle

I came home with a huge haul of 75% festival food + related things.  The rest was just pantry staples.

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I finally chose a protein powder.  Raw Protein was my favorite, after all of my trials.  The plain flavor, is not sweetened with stevia + is not chalky.  I think it kind of has an oat-like flavor when mixed in a smoothie and texture similar to when you grind oats in a smoothie as well.  I haven’t tried it only mixed with water or milk, so I can’t say how it is alone.  It was on major sale at Whole Foods.  $15 off!!

other things:

  • organic beef jerky [huz]
  • salsa
  • fruit spread
  • coconut water
  • hummus
  • tortilla chips
  • pita
  • bread
  • Preserve plates, bpa-free, recycled, d/w safe and totally reusable! I hate eating food off paper towels for more than 1 day. :)
  • organic grapes that have the perfect crunch!

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  • oat bran
  • bananas
  • mustard [for the huz…blegh!]
  • add water soups, high protein with very short ingredient lists
  • gluten free mac n’ cheese
  • peanut butter
  • Nature’s Path peanut butter granola bars [huz]
  • coffee mug from REI, bpa free
  • Field Roast sausages, for grilling [huz]
  • biodegradable wet wipes

I bought the Amy’s frozen mac n’ cheese today, because it was gluten free + on sale for $2.29.  Also, I was famished and knew I wouldn’t have time to make a real lunch.  I don’t know when the last time is that I’ve eaten a frozen meal, but it was delicious!  Killer protein too, 16g!  I also loved that it was soy free, as I was expecting a lot of processed soy ingredients. 

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  • favorite cottage cheese [not for the festival ;)]
  • millet
  • tempeh
  • almond milk
  • strawberries, on sale $3.29!  Bought 2!
  • precut carrots, never buy pre-cut anymore, but perfect for quick snacking at the campsite

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I stopped by our local Great Harvest, to pick up a loaf of their gluten free bread.  It set me back $7, which is a lot, however it’s delicious.  Gluten free breads are typically at least $5, teeny tiny slices, and completely lacking any nutrition. 

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This loaf is made with quality ingredients, has 2g fiber, 3g protein [per slice] and it’s actual sandwich size!  Also, GF bread is typically frozen and really only good when toasted.  This is delicious right of the bag.  Such a good find, for a once in a while treat!

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Hard boiled egg making time!

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Quick + easy protein!

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1/2 rolled oats + 1/2 oat bran for breakfasts

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We really like this natural insect repellent.  It gets great reviews, too!  I’ve been using this sunscreen for about a year and really like it as well.

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plates + oatmeal bowl + nut butter knife + new mug

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  • emergenC
  • vitamins + advil
  • instant coffee
  • empty tupperware containers for packing sandwiches

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Cheeeeeese!!  This is the organic cheese I got recently at Costco.  There were 4 flavors, 2 of which I took – mushroom + jalapeno.  I also sliced up a little organic cheddar.

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Tempeh for both of us, 1 sandwich worth of turkey for Chris.

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Lovely grapes!!  I haven’t bought grapes in far too long.

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Chris came home with a haul of beer for the week as well.  Even though I’ve been able to tolerate beer okay, despite my gluten-free eating, he surprised me with New Planet Gluten Free Raspberry Ale.  I can’t wait to try it.  I’ll definitely keep you posted!  New Planet is actually a local brewery, too!

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You know I’m not leaving home for 5 days without bananas and a little LOVE!! 

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Back to packing!!  It’s not easy because the temps range from 40* – 75* while we’re there.  That’s a big spread!!  Winter + summer clothes.  BAh!

Just as a reminder, we’re going to be out of town from Wednesday – Monday evening [Telluride Bluegrass Festival].  I won’t be bringing my computer, but will hopefully be blogging via Chris’s iphone.  I’m also contemplating if I should bring the dSLR camera or not.  It’s a lot to lug around for 5 days and I don’t want to leave it in the car for safety + overheating reasons.  I have a really crappy point n’ shoot and Chris’s iphone.  That might just have to do!  I’ll be posting + tweeting what we’re doing, seeing + eating, so check back for updates!  I hope to write a few short posts each day.  We shall see. :)  Also, I’ll fully respond to comments + emails when I return home.  Thanks for understanding!!



sweet baby to be {fiona}

Today I wanted to share photos from my sister-in-law + brother-in-law’s [Chris’s brother] maternity photo shoot.  This was my first real people-shoot and I loved every minute of it.  Natalie was beaming with a motherly glow and Pat had an excited + nervous fatherly look in his eyes.  Natalie was such a good sport, as we shot in about every location in their house and took some outside.  I wanted to try out different lighting and photo styles.  I am really pleased with how they turned out.

And more than anything, I am extremely excited for Pat + Natalie, and I cannot wait to become an Aunt!!

One of my favorites of the group.

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Adorable bedding that matched mom’s shirt!

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Little girls’ baby clothes might be the cutest thing ever!  Besides Natalie, that is. :)

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Gorgeous mommy!

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Way too cute.

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Love this series of bed shots!

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20hrs til' we leave…EEK!