Time for a facelift

While I should probably start to use some kind of anti-aging face lotion, I am not talking about my actual face getting a lift.  I am talking about a NEW blog! Wahooo

A bunch of random photos for this post!! =)

Kenna + Dakota


I decided a few weeks ago, and after hearing some of your comments, that I want to start a new blog.  Since ota is on hold and I have been food-posting everyday, I think the blog needs to get jazzed up a bit, complete with a new name.  I have the name already…do you want to know what it is?? ;)

I miss Kelsey!!! =(


My issues are figuring out if I should use blogspot or wordpress.  I am finding frustrating issues with both.  Right now I use blogspot but I use Livewriter to write the actual blogs.  If you are not using livewriter, please try it out.  It will make your life SO much easier!!

[rachel – ginette – me – I miss these girls SO much!!!! my 26th bday this year, July 3rd]IMG_9493

Okay, so with blogspot, I really can’t find any free templates I like.  I have found a few, but then I want to definitely add tabs in the header such as: about me, ota.info, my pantry, etc.  It seems complicated messing with all of the code stuff.

[Some of my family came to visit us in Charlotte, on their way back to Ohio from Hilton Head, SC. They came on the 4th of July…I made a ton of food!]


With Wordpress, I have found a few templates that I really like.  In the preview they show like 5 tabs at the top, but when I download and apply it, there are only 2 tabs.  I don’t get this!!  I am finding Wordpress to be much more complicated to edit colors/fonts/etc. compared to blogspot and their “widgets” aren’t as good either.

[My parents are amazing…wish we lived closer!]


What do you guys recommend?  Does anyone have experience adding tabs??  Any help is greatly appreciated!! 

[i LOVE grilling peaches]


No food today, how lame!  I have to get a test done tomorrow AM and couldn’t eat all day…There is a good line-up for tomorrow! Potato soup + caramel apples!!  Can’t wait to eat again!!!

[my bro plays his tabla drums at a few yoga studios…i got to go to one of the classes while he drummed..it was AWESOME!]


Niiiight all =)