zinc is pink

I got rid of my headache, thanks to Chris digging his elbow into the knot, that lives in my shoulder blade/neck area!  Huge ball of tension that never seems to go away.

Well, after that, I had a great wintery run.  It was in the upper 30’s and dreary, but not too windy.  I felt great on the run today.  I prefer the colder weather for running and it wasn’t too cold where it hurts your lungs.

After the run, I made a Hemp Shake! It was my first time using that powder.  I didn’t take a photo because the end result looked like mud =(  Buuut, it was super tasty!!

They are packed full of nutrient goodness!  8g fiber, 6g protein, 90 cals, 1.5g. fat. [poly + mono]

Mudslide Shake: [adapted slightly from the back of the packet]

  1. 1 pack Berry Pomegranate Hemp Shake [soy free, woop woop!]
  2. 1T coconut oil
  3. 1c. vanilla rice milk
  4. 1 pear
  5. 1 kiwi

I realllly liked this one..and probably ended up taking in about 15g. fiber [holy cow!], with the added pear + kiwi.

Natalie slaved away in the kitchen today, making a childhood favorite meal.  It’s called slippery pot pie and was comforting and delish.  She made dough from scratch that she cut into squares and cooked in the broth.  They were mmmmm good =)


The dogs are completely annoying when either of us are cooking in the kitchen.  They think it is party time…they are SO wrong! 


In an effort not to get sick, Chris and I have been taking Emergen-C like it is our job!  [go to their site for free samples!] They have all different flavors and different mixes of vitamins and you just dissolve them in a 4-6oz glass of H2O.  Today I found some that were Immunity Support with 100% daily value of Zinc!  I despise those zinc lozenges, so this was perfect.  The flavor wasn’t too bad, and it goes down super quick.

Pretty zinc in pink!


While Natalie was cooking, I decided to bake some pumpkin cornmeal muffins that I saw on Fallon’s blog.  They sounded really yummy and I had ALL of the ingredients on hand.  So it was obvious, I had to make them =)


I followed her recipe exactly, [how un-ashley of me!] even did the flax egg substitute.  [1T ground flax meal + 3T warm water, let sit 2min – replaces 1 egg]  I loved the flavor and slight crunch from the cornmeal.  You could definitely tell they were a healthier muffin and had some substitutions in them, but for being so super healthy, they were reallly good. 


This was a very dense muffin.  The texture was a bit chewy, but I liked the exterior crust and they were very moist.  I would definitely make them again.  I liked the honey as the sweetener and might add some cinnamon next time =)

Off to do some work on the new blog!!  Snowboarding tomorrow!