coconut fairy

[I was having some major blog snafus earlier!! But hopefully it’s all worked out now!]

I have been accumulating quite the pile of samples lately and it has been FABulous!  I am still making my way through the Food Should Taste Good chips.  So far we have eaten the:

  • Jalapeno
  • Sweet potato
  • Cinnamon
  • Chocolate
  • Lime
  • Yellow Corn


These chips are GREAt. Seriously.  The chocolate have been my least favorite, but still yummy.  I love how they each have a different shape.  The Lime are the best lime tortilla chips, by far, as well as the yellow corn.  They are dangerously addicting. 

My take on the Cinnamon chips went like this:

  1. meh
  2. not so sure
  3. why am i still eating them?
  4. i think i like them…
  5. good
  6. addicted!

Now for the coconut fairy!! I haven’t gotten to try these babies yet, but I am hoping I like them better than the Vita Coco Water.  The flavors sound a lot better.  I’ll keep you posted when I try them out!


I thought I would take advantage of the contrast in color with the snow and give them a little photo shoot.  I love the packaging and am most excited to try the Pink Guava flavor.


The 2nd coconut fairy delivery came from Artisana.  I was originally in touch with them for possible add-ins for my ota.bars.  They make coconut butter, which is a mix of the coconut flesh + it’s oils.  It is packed with a lot more nutrients, like 5g fiber in just 2T.  I want to try that as an alternative to coconut oil. 

The big jars… The cacao bliss is amazing!!  It is a mix of coconut and cacao, and I am hoping to try it out in ota.bars at some point.  I was never able to successfully add chocolate to the bars without them turning brittle.  So, we’ll see what happens when I add some of the Bliss!  The Cashew butter is rich and extremely creamy.  It is mild but nutty in flavor, like cashews, and made a great CB+J the other day ;)


I also got a bunch of tiny jars that are just SO cute.  The friendly staff [at Artisana – Premier Organics] and I set up a trade.  I sent the a box of ota.bars and they sent me ingredients to play with =)  I hope I can get the business back up and running at some point.  Maybe this spring??  Pecan butter has WOWed me the most.  The flavor is rich and delicious.  It will be used sparingly because a mere 1T packs over 200 calories…eek!  It is decadent!


Photo shoot time!  [I used 2 of these photos for a new header image I made last night]

coconut butter – pecan butter – macadamia butter – cacao bliss




That first jar should be the coconut butter…oops ;)


I have been using the Almond Butter and Cacao Bliss in my oatmeal, and they have been excellent additions!


last one =)


And I’ll leave you with the details of my lunch today:

  • about 3/4c. Annie’s organic mac n’ cheese
  • 1c. boiled broccoli
  • fancy grilled cheese – goat cheese/sun dried tomatoes/tomato pesto spread

I had to make this samich  again because it was THAT good…and I had some leftovers of all the ingredients!  My breakfast/lunch food always looks so much better than dinner due to the natural light!  Maybe I should make dinner at 3pm ;)


a little bit of comfort + a little bit of fancy


Happy Friday!!! Anyone dressing up for Halloween or doing anything fun?  Chris and I are really bad about coming up with costume ideas!!  We don’t have anything planned yet.