kale n’ cream

Hi hi hi. Quick-ish post tonight!! I am working on writing the content for the tabs that I will eventually have at the top, so I am keeping this brief so I can return to that :)

Chris and I met Laura for lunch in Boulder.  We walked to the HUGE Whole Foods and grabbed a bite.  There were so so many options, it took me awhile to decide.  My craving for salad was striking again.  I just love salads and lots of toppings, especially when I can choose all of them!

Laura and I both had salads and Chris got a veggie burger with fries and broccoli.  We had a 365 organic pomegranate blueberry spritzer drink, which was delicious.  I tried to be careful with my salad toppings, since the price is determined by weight.  The cucumbers were the thickest sliced cuc’s I’ve ever seen…I think they just want it to weigh more ;)  I couldn’t pass up a hard boiled egg for a protein kick.  Chris said the egg was a “rookie mistake” because you probably end up paying over $1 for it, haha. Whatevs :) It gave me a good laugh!


Chris’s meal…Laura’s was blurry, oops! I was trying to hurry…


It was insanely sunny today.  The 1’ of snow is melting fast!  Better than a pic of Laura’s salad, here is a pic of the 2 of us…majorly squinting from the sun!


Dinnnner time!!  What to make?  Ever since Kelsey made me fettuccine alfredo back in Charlotte, I have been craving it again.  I looked up a lighter version on Cooking Light and also made a few adjustments.  It’s still pretty sinful, but worth it once in awhile!  I did throw in a ton of veg. and whole wheat noodles to make it a bit more nutritious :)

Lightened up creamy goodness

  • I doubled the recipe and only used about 2/3 of the sauce for the 4 of us
  • If you double the recipe, use a full bag of fettuccine noodles to feed appx. 6
  • I subbed half + half instead of cream cheese
  • For the doubled portion I used a little less cheese 2c. [instead of 2.5] and I used parm + romano

In a large skillet I sautéed 1 chopped red pepper and 2 bunches of [washed/dried/ripped of stem] kale, with a drizzle of olive oil.  It took about 7min [stir frequently] to cook down on med-med low heat.  When the noodles were done I tossed them with the veggies in the skillet and poured the desired amount of sauce on.  This was REALLY good!! I swear you will think it’s too much kale..trust me it’s not!

The sauce might seem a bit on the runny side, but when combined with the pasta it set up a bit and was perfect!


Off to keep on typing!!


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