lunch post

Howdy!  I was really busy today packing, getting a tooth drilled, etc. etc.  The other day I bit down on a carrot and it resulted in major pain and a gritty feeling in my mouth.  Daaah, something happened to a filling!!  We are without dental insurance right now…go figure.  I got the names of a few dentists from some friends and called around.  I found one that sounded great and had good prices too.  Super nerve racking though!!  I figured it was going to cost a couple hundred dollars at a minimum.  My tooth was insanely sensitive to hot + cold and if any food even grazed over it, it killed.  I was expecting the worst.  I thought the tooth may have even cracked, which would mean a root canal or crown $$$$$. Eeeek.

I went to the appointment today.  The dentist was awesome.  If you live in Denver/Boulder and need a good dentist, let me know!  I was in and out with little to no pain and I got to pick music off a playlist too.  I chose Norah Jones to help me relax a bit!  They took an x-ray and the dentist thought I just needed a new filling because I chipped the top layer off this one.  Phew!! No biggee..As she drilled she said I actually compacted the filling further into my tooth!  Dumb carrot!

She did some major drilling!  My total cost was $150!!!  I thought that was an unbelievable price.  They did know I didn’t have insurance and that I was unemployed…so I’m thinking they may have been extra nice with the total cost.

I found a dress from Dillards [finally!!] for my grandpa’s funeral.  I normally pretty much despise the mall.  I heard some weird live music coming as I was walking around in the main part of the mall [Flatirons Crossing Mall].  I went to check it out and it didn’t get any better as I got closer, haha, but what I did find was a huge display of Seventh Generation product giveaways and some from Stonyfield!!  It was set up in the kids area to educate parents on more eco friendly baby products and home cleaning products.  Even though I don’t have a kid, I picked some things up ;)


I love the color of the t-shirt and it is my favorite kind of t-shirt from American Apparel. super.soft.  The idea was to write the ingredients you are made on the shirt.  I still haven’t thought of what I’m going to write on it…


I got all this free!!  I love the new yogurt bowl that is BPA free and dishwasher safe.  I also got 6 containers of yobaby Stonyfield yogurt.  They are reallly good, haha.  I put one of the vanilla containers into my chocolate green monster this afternoon.

Chocolate Green Monster:

  • 1 chocolate amazing grass packet
  • 1 container yobaby vanilla yogurt
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2c. 1% milk
  • handful of ice

It was really yummy.  I loved the chocolate banana flavor.  It got nice and frothy too :)  I made a salad to go with the drink.  I topped it with cuc’s, shrooms, romano cheese, and some torn bread.  I was using all of the lettuce left in the container so I just used that as my bowl.  Plus, after I added the dressing I put the lid on and shook it all up!  I love when you can really get the dressing evenly distributed!



My new bottle of olive oil is quickly being covered by my fruit stickers.  Why didn’t I think of this before!!  It is so nice having a spot to stick these instead of trying to flick them off your fingers into the garbage can ;)



See you soooon!! Travel day tomorrow, so not sure when I’ll get to post next!