It’s so nice to be with family.  I was in Cleveland, OH and now I’m in my hometown of Marshall, MI.  It is an amazing little historical town in Michigan.  Every time I come back to visit it just feels like home.  More photos to come in the next few days…

A DEElicious Christmas ale from an Ohio brewery.  Full of flavor and it was 7.5% – I only had one :)


Aunt Sherie made pound cake.  I think I ate about a pound of it…with no regrets!!! :)


I’m off to bed…we had an amazing day with the family.  Lots of stories, lots of food, lots of memories…My grandpa’s funeral is tomorrow and I am reading most of the tribute I wrote on the blog a few weeks ago.  I’m also reading some memories from my dad.  I think [hope] I do okay…I’m going to get in an early morning workout.  I feel like a good sweat session will help me get through the rest of the day.