noodle bowl

Chris, Pat, and I headed to Boulder today to purchase some Vibram 5-finger shoes!!  I have been wanting to get these ever since Kelsey raved about them and then I did a bunch of research and read great reviews.  More on this purchase soon!!  I will tell you that we went for a 1+ mile run today with them on [you’re supposed to start slow to retrain the way your body runs] and it felt great.  They naturally keep you on the balls of your feet, and I had none of the usual jarring joint pain.  The first thing I noticed was how quiet my steps were. 

I’m not sure if there is any correlation but I thought this was kind of peculiar….I have been having a lot of tightness in my right hamstring.  I stretch out after I warm up and stretch before bed, etc.  It just gets out of whack sometimes.  With all the sitting and traveling this weekend it got even worse.  Well, after running today, I seriously have no tightness in my hamstring.  I won’t say this is because of the shoes yet…but I’m going to closely monitor if the tightness comes back or not.

Like I said….more on the Vibrams, soon!

I was kind of playing catch up all day, so I only got around to photographing dinner.  I was in the mood for some kind of asian style noodle bowl.  I bought pork chops, from Whole Foods, and cut them into bite sized pieces.  The pork was cooked in a pan with onion/garlic/ginger and set it aside.  I also cooked a pot of whole wheat linguine noodles.

I started with a recipe from Cooking Light but veered off quite a bit…so much so, that I don’t really remember what I did.  It was kind of bland, which I feel like happens a lot with stir fry type dishes, so I added lots of extra seasonings at the end.  The star veggie was of course kale!!  I also used a lot of sugar snap peas, because I love that crunch! 

It came together in the last 2min and was full of flavor.



Had the go-to garlic bread on the side.  $.99 mini boule loaf from Whole Foods, cut into pieces, with a little bit of butter + the salt/parsley/garlic seasoning. 



Now I’m off to look for Thanksgiving appetizer recipes!!  We just figured our plans out kind of last minute…so time to do some quick recipe searching :)  I know I’m going to make pumpkin dip with lots of fruit dippers…but I’m looking for 1 or 2 other things as well.