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OH my word was our Thanksgiving fabulous.  It was my first time not being with my family back home in Ohio.  It was sad, but fun + different at the same time.  We spent Tgiving with about 14 others at our friend Kurtz + Ann’s apartment in Denver.  Let me first mention that the weather was FABulous.  It was 65* and sunny!  Pat + Natalie [bro in law + sis in law] were with us too.  We got there at noon and the appetizers were up. 

Everyone loved the cold + fresh spinach artichoke dip and prosciutto crostini with lemony fennel slaw.  The crostini were REALLY yummy and so so super easy to make.  They were a little bit hard to eat because they required 2 bites and it’s hard to bite through the prosciutto, but it wouldn’t stop me from making it again.

TONS of photos…beware!! :)




Ian made homemade pepperoni rolls that were fabulous!


I had one of these…so so good.


Impress your friends Grilled Cheese Samich:

  • loaf honey whole wheat bread
  • delicious jam [fig, or mixed berry, etc.]
  • fontina cheese
  1. Do it up like any normal grilled cheese + cut into 1/4’s

Fontina may be my new favorite cheese…for serious!


Fancy jellies or jams…not sure…either way, delicious!


Pat + Nat [pretty!!]



Kurtz [Chris] and Hovan [John] wanted to model the food…





Natalie got in on the model action too…total natural ;)

_MG_7521  _MG_7522

_MG_7523  _MG_7525

Kurtz lives right by a huge park in the city.  We walked there and hung out for a bit.  Kenna was with us for the day too.  The other 2 dogs were back at the house.  [They can let themselves out w/the doggie door, but Kenna stays in a cage so she can’t…which is why we brought her with]


Hubs + Kenna beans


A little ultimate frisbee. 




Funny pic..Kenna chilliin in the background


The frisbee is a little hard to spot at first. Left upper corner :)


Kenna made friends.


We got back and the girls had a photo session.  Chris was the photographer…super fun!

Ali, me, Ann, Natalie, Ann



“ate too much turkey” pose


“senior photo”



“who knows”


Kurtz + Hovan playin some tunes



Too many cooks in the kitchen!! 


Hi Ann!!


Ian with his awesome homemade bread.






Thanks to Ali + Hovan!  Jose, Kyle, Kostas made an awesome turkey too!


I’ve never had “in the turkey” stuffing before. OH MY oh my delicious!!!!!!!!!!!  I had a little bit of everything.  Natalie made realllly good green beans from the 101 cookbooks website.  Much better than the creamy beans with onions on top.  She also made this icy cranberry/sour cream/horseradish sauce that was really flavorful and contrasting to all the other flavors.  Super creamy mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, a few corn puddings, turkey + gravy.


The room was pretty dark so it was hard to get a good “plate” photo, but the this is still making my mouth water for more!


Ann made a great salad, with apples, walnuts, and gorgonzola…and a homemade dressing that was awesome!  I was so impressed with everyone’s cooking skills.  Each side thing was extremely delicious.  There were no Thanksgiving mishaps at all :) mmmm gooood!




A little more music…


Kyle + Hovan


Pie time!!  peanut butter pie, chocolate pudding pie, and pumpkin pie

The pies were delicious and all completely from scratch.  I had a little slice of each ;)


The hidden chocolate layer was really good!!  I might increase the amount of chocolate from 1/3c. to 1/2c.  You couldn’t taste the sea salt I added on top.  I didn’t want to over do it, so next time i would probably add a 1/4tsp.      



Hand whipped, whipped cream!



Phew!!  This post took a looong time!  I had 200 photos to sort through and edit, but really enjoyed documenting the whole day/night.  After dessert, a crazy dance party ensued, in the kitchen.  We had pandora going off of Pat’s iPhone and it was pretty hysterical and fabulous.  It was an awesome Thanksgiving with friends and our first in Colorado!  The food was more than amazing and the whole day was just a lot of fun.

Did anyone get any good Black Friday deals today???  I went out for a bit with Laura…more on that soon!



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