16hrs later – in kansas city, mo

I cannot believe I drove for 16hrs in the car, by myself.  Well, Kenna was with me, but she doesn’t talk.  She was really good in the car, although somewhat creepy.  She slept for maybe 3hrs total, and the rest of the time she was lying down in the back with her head hovering above the seat, looking completely exhausted.  I am not sure WHY she could not just put her poor head down and sleep!

Chris drove our 22’ Penske truck STUFFED with STUFF and also Dakota!  He said she was really good and slept the entire way.

yupp…its a truck


proof of her weirdness!


FYI – These coffee drinks are TERRIBLE. Sorry Starbucks, you totally messed this one up.  Unless you like to drink coffee flavored syrup, do not buy this drink. =)


FYI 2 – Happy Ashley with the best Starbucks energy to go. [also, much less liquid + calories to consume]IMG_0833

There was a really pretty sunset…The sun was HUUGE and PINK!  The picture is pretty bad…but take this and think 20x cooler!!IMG_0859

Off to bed…after 9hrs of driving tomorrow we will be living in Colorado. It still hasn’t hit me.