double yum

It was still really chilly + rainy in Colorado yesterday [in the 40’s!!].  My awesome sis-in-law remembered that she had a coupon for Great Harvest Bread Company [GHBC]. It was for a free loaf of their honey whole wheat bread.  I was definitely planning on redeeming this asap!

After working out w/my bro-in-law in the morning, we headed to GHBC and then Natural Grocers, my new favorite store.  Well, it’s not really new because that is where I was buying 3/4 of my ota.ingredients, but NOW it’s a local store for me!  So, GHBC, Natural Grocers, AND Sunflower Farmer’s Market are literally all right next to each other.  The stores are definitely more wallet-friendly than Whole Foods, with a lot of the same brands.

So my plan was to get the free loaf of honey wheat, but when I went in for some reason a plain loaf of white bread was calling my name.  I haven’t bought a loaf of white bread in FORever.  Grilled cheese was the plan.  The bread was SO good.  It only has about 5 ingredients with a touch of agave nectar sweetness.  AND, they give HUGE samples in the store.  Perfect after workout snack.

1 slice of Havarti + 1 slice of white cheddar + golden perfection


I may have eaten 1/4 of the bowl of tomato soup while I was waiting for the grilled cheese to finish… _MG_4698


yum yum raspberries


I got some samples today from Navitas!!  I first heard about them from Kath’s blog.  I really wanted to see what their Cacao Nibs would be like in ota.bars!  I have tried to incorporate chocolate in a few different forms, with no luck.  It always makes the bars brittle and they turn a dark un-appetizing brown color.  I think the Cacao Nibs might work because they don’t melt!


Cacao nibs are chopped up cacao beans.  It actually tastes more coffe-like than chocolate-like to me.  It reminds me of eating an espresso bean, in a way, especially with the texture.  They also sent some Sweetened Cacao Nibs, which have a little organic palm sugar and organic cacao liquor added.  I can’t wait to try them in ota.bars!


And now for dinner!!  Off to 101 cookbooks for another idea.  In the last year, my meat-eating habits have changed.  I would say I eat meat free about 75% of the time.  There was no real reason for the change, but just what I have been in the mood for.  I make it a point to eat other high protein foods throughout the day, so I never feel like I am lacking in the protein department.

I decided on a high-protein, chickpea salad. Recipe is HERE! I made some brown rice couscous to make the meal more filling with some healthy carbs and fiber.

1c. plain yogurt + 2t. curry powder = delicious + EASY


I love this dish from Crate + Barrel!! It’s fun to make dinner a little fancy sometimes.  Instead of putting it in a big bowl or just having everyone scoop out of the pan, I wanted to put it in a pretty dish.


1/2 of the curry sauce was mixed in w/the chickpea salad and then laid atop the brown rice couscous.  Everyone added more sauce as the chickpeas made things a little on the dry side.  The flavor combos were awesome though and the couscous was a great addition.


Have a great day!!