weekend in review

Friday night we laid low, watching TV and playing the Wii.  Natalie cooked an awesome meal [that I forgot to photograph].  She made a chicken and black bean curry dish with a side of brown rice.  It was super flavorful, healthy, and delicious.

Saturday was the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.  I can’t even take a guess at how many beers there were to sample.  They had it sectioned off by regions, like: Pacific Northwest, Midwest, etc.  The place was packed with people, but it was fun roaming around sampling beers and munching on our pretzel necklaces!


pretzel necklaces…everyone was wearing them..such a good idea!!!


The sample sizes were 1oz.  I probably tried about 12-15 beers.  The only down-side was that a lot of the most sought after beers [like october spice beers] were gone really early on.  There were a handful that I wanted to try but they were already out within the first hour!

My awesome sis-in-law, Natalie + me!



On Sunday, we headed to a 400+ acre dog park that is about 2 miles away from where we are living.  I’m pretty sure Kenna + Dakota had a blast.

Kenna is the front-most dog.  She chased the black lab in front of her, the whole time.


Dakota had 1 thing on her mind…swimming + sticks!


Later, we met up with this fabulous couple, Chris + Ann.  We have been friends with Chris since undergrad at Ohio State and we just met Ann when we moved out here.  Super cool people!!  We checked out their neighborhood and walked around Wash Park, in Denver.  We really like that area, and will definitely be looking there when we’re ready to find a place.


It was a gorgeous night out and we went to Vine Street for some eats.  Completely delicious meal.

Carrot + Coconut soup – UHmazing.  It was creamy and flavorful with not much coconut taste at all.  I’m guessing they used coconut milk, which doesn’t have too much actual coconut flavor, to help thicken the soup.


No, that is not juice..it’s blackberry wheat beer.  This restaurant is also a well-known local brewery [Mountain Sun Brewery].  Deeelicious.


Thee best salad, ever.  Mixed greens, with roasted butternut squash, lightly breaded + fried goat cheese, with a bacon vinaigrette.  They gave plenty of cheese and the dressing was perfect.  I cleared my plate but left about 1/3 of the cheese!


On the menu for this week:

[monday] brown rice + pan seared veggies + grilled sirloin steak

matzo ball soup + boiled chicken

butternut squash + veggie stew

spaghetti squash + veggie + cheese bake

Tomorrow I’m going to post a little about how I try to save at the grocery store and a summary of how much this week’s meals add up to! Stay tuned =)