loving arugula

Why hello there!  Chris + I were so super busy today and tomorrow we’re heading to Aspen, CO to visit some friends that are in from Charlotte.  [a tad bit excited]  We’re stopping at Beavercreek [2hrs away, Aspen is 4hrs] tomorrow to get some boarding in and then heading the rest of the way to Aspen to see our friends.  They have a ski in/ski out condo :)

I made peanut butter pie for Ann + Kurtz.  My family always brings “something sweet” as part of a housewarming gift.  Does anyone else’s family do that? I know you can’t see the peanut butter filling but it was there!


This was a no-bake recipe right out of the Better Homes + Garden cook book.  I made my specialty graham cracker crust [just add 2T of honey instead of sugar!].  So easy, so delish.


Dinner was “in a jiffy veggie spelt burgers,” topped with my veggie chili, topped with a lil cheese and plain yogurt + curry.


With a side of green + orange.


Okay, so Monday was not the day to try out a new breakfast.  However, I did change up my typical ingredients a bit.  I made cocoa coconut oats and mmmm’d all the way through.


I scraped the plate/bowl clean.


  • oat bran + rolled oat [1/2c total]
  • rice milk + water
  • 1 small bananer
  • 1T cocoa
  • 1t cinnamon
  • 1t sucanat
  • Yogi cereal
  • splash of almonds
  • Artisana’s Coconut Butter sprinkled over top
  • Pnut butter glob

And this is why I don’t stray from my oats.  Creamy perfection with great flavor + texture. 


Time for a Vibram 5 Finger run with the hubs!! 


We jogged a mile to the Wash Park rec center.  There are rec centers all over Denver and they only cost $50 for THREE months!!  You can go to any of them.  The one by our place has tons of weights, cardio machines, a pool and bball courts!  Even our unemployed pockets can afford that!  We love that we don’t have to drive there too!


I got attacked by a huge black pony!!!


Lunch perfection.


Pumpkin puree [1/3c] + Oikos vanilla [1/2c] + cinnamon/nutmeg/ginger


Better than a piece of pie! [wait….maybe not THAT good]


Ate it out of the plastic tub, which was then off to the recycling bin!


Similar to my salad the other day but better!


  • arugula [about 3c]
  • chickpeas [about 1/2c]
  • ripe pear [3/4 of it]
  • 1 clementine
  • 1T chia seeds
  • handful of pepitas
  • 1T chopped pecans
  • about 1/2c. of torn Ancient Grain bread from WF

This salad was superb.  Loved the crunchiness from the seeds and the juicy fruit!


I made another delicious fruity vinaigrette, just like the other day!                  

Keep your fingers crossed for a few different things for me…applied for a few part time jobs + entered the Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24 with Kelsey!  She will be in town [from Charlotte, NC] the day the event has to be hosted, so she had the brilliant idea to apply together.  I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  We’ll know tomorrow! 

Speaking of tomorrow, I might not get a post in while we’re away, but you never know ;)


p.s. CO peeps…I’ll announce some meet-up plans later this week.  Stay tuned!