lovin’ the sun

The sun has been out everyday this past week and it has been fabulous.  Today was in the 40’s and not a cloud in the sky.  When the sun is out in Colorado, with no clouds, it feels so much warmer than what the temp reads.  Perfect day for the park!

A quick post, with full recap tonight or tomorrow. 

I went for a short run with the Vibram 5 fingers this morning.  I think I’m at about 2m with them now and feeling great.  I’m trying to slowing get my body used to them as many people suggest doing.  It is a whole new way to run and the body has to have time to adjust. 

Melissa + Jake were coming over for lunch and a walk at the park.  I was super excited!!


So there are 3 WF by my house.  It is quite ridiculous and oh, so convenient!  There is a smallish one that is 1 mile away, a HUGE one that is about 2m away, and a pretty large one about 2 miles away in another direction.  I went to the closest one today that I had never been too.  I love WF!  On the way back I came up our street from another direction and found a coffee shop that I didn’t know was there! Score!  It’s called Wash Perk [we live in Wash Park].  So excited to walk there and try it out.  It’s only about 5 or so blocks away.

The dogs LOVED Jake.


I made a huuuge salad and then we went on a 3m walk around the park.  I made cinnamon raisin mochi when we got back and stuffed it with pnut butter + jelly.  Ohhh man, YUM.



I love this kid!


dogs + jake + me


Byeee for now!


p.s. Guess what?? I used my vitamix last night + this morning!! Go me! Aaaand I didn’t eat oatmeal this morning…craziiiiness! More details soon :)