CO blogger meet-up

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!  Just a quick post to talk about the Colorado blogger meet-up!  A majority of people were busy the last few weekends in January so I was thinking of having it mid-February.  There is no way everyone will be free to come on the same day but hopefully most of you will be able to make it. 

I was thinking of Saturday, February 13th at my house in Denver.  Please leave me a comment if you can or cannot come.  If too many people can’t come I will push back the date but hopefully this works for everyone. 

A potluck just sounds like the best idea for a bunch of food loving people.  As it gets closer you can start telling me what you would like to bring.  I’m not too worried about having too many desserts or too many salads, etc.  Please just bring something that you LOVE to eat and LOVE to make [or buy]  Bottles of wine and/or beer are accepted for potluck entrance as well ;)

Get excited!!!

I can’t post without a photo or 2.  Guess what I found when I went to throw in a load of clothes???

Kenna ate the A$$ out of my JEANS!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr


Pumpkin Egg White Oats – SO creamy. Complete oat perfection.


TV:  Anyone watch + LOVE the show Modern Family??? me me me!!!  Who watched Grey’s this week?  Who thinks the show is going down the tubes??  I’m starting to :( Anyone watch 24!?  Anyone thinking it is going to be EVEN cheesier than last year?  Freddie Prinze Jr. is in it…my hopes are not set too high…we’ll see!

Time to run a few errands!