snuggle buddies

Another new veggie!  I made Delicata Squash for the first time yesterday and it was quite tasty.  I baked it and then cut it into chunks and threw it on a salad.


Cut open – then de-seed


Light coat of olive oil + salt + pepper.  Turn upside down and bake @375 for about 30min or until soft.

Golden deliciousness.




The salad was not photographed but included: squash + spinach + baby greens + mushrooms + cucumber + torn bread + homemade vinaigrette

Chris + I were super busy yesterday the house trying to finally get things finished.  I swear the last 10% of moving is the worst, as far as putting things away and organizing.  PainFUL.  So painful that we ordered pizza for din, hehehe ;)  I ate the leftovers from Sunday night [orange glazed tempeh + quinoa + kale] before the pizza came so I wouldn’t woof down 3 pieces.  I had 1.5 pieces of ooey gooey delicious pizza.  


I have been keeping all my fresh fruit in a bowl on the dining room table.  I normally eat a lot of fruit but keeping it out in a bowl makes me eat even more.  For dessert I had a sliced apple with sprinkles of cinnamon + nutmeg + ginger. 

It hit the spot.


Then, Chris and I caught up on the first FOUR episodes of 24.  I was totally skeptical of this season with the addition of Freddie Prinze Jr.  We thought last season was “okay” but getting pretty cheesy.  I think this season started off a bit better than last.  I’m hooked already!

We were popcorn vultures last night.  I have been adding s+p to our popcorn and it’s SO tasty. 


Dakota + Kenna were total snuggle buddies last night.  It was quite adorable!!! :)


Kenna’s legs are freakishly long.  Remember, she is a lab + great dane mix.  Dakota looks SO pleased.


This morning’s breakfast left me drooling for MORE.


Layer it UP Egg White OATS

  • 1/3c oatmeal
  • 1/3c rice milk + 1/3c water
  • 2 egg whites
  • cinnamon [about 1/4tsp]
  • splash of vanilla

When most of the liquid is absorbed, add 2 whisked egg whites and whisk into the oats.  Let simmer another few min.


  • scoop of oats
  • sliced banana
  • Justin’s organic chocolate pnut butter shavings
  • REPEAT  
  • topped with: granola + pnut butter + banana + jelly


This glass was scraped CLEAN.  I didn’t realize I finished it and went for another spoonful…only to be let down that it was all gone :(


nom nom nom


Personality question!

Do you think it’s possible to be Type A and Type B???  I feel like that is ME!  Anyone else??  I am super detail oriented for some things.  I would say that I am a “go-getter” and the type of person that doesn’t like to sit still.  I can somehow fill my days from beginning to end, even with no job.  I’m not the type that dreads working out and love being active outside. 

However, some things I am just OH.SO.LAZY. about!  Does this happen to anyone else?  I’m not talking about all annoying tasks like cleaning/laundry/etc.  I’m pretty good at keeping up with those things.  It’s things like paperwork, getting the last 10% of things put away in our house, getting tabs/pages added to the blog, staying organized with bills, keeping my email organized, making phone calls about bills [#1 thing I loathe] etc.  I TRY to stay organized with these things but I just find it dreadful.  I had a hard time keeping on track with the business end of things for my business.   

Does anyone have any tips for me or similar feelings in their life?  Anyone think there is a Type C personality? 

Off to finish the last 10%.  I was super productive yesterday, so hopefully I can make it 2 days in a row!  It does feel SO nice when all that annoying crap gets crossed of the list!