A quick post while I’m waiting for the arrival of Kelsey + Eric! 

Here are a few upstairs photos.  It was getting dark outside so they are not that great!  We haven’t really done much as far as hanging things on the walls yet, so it looks a little barren still. 


Kenna is already waiting for E+K!!  The little paintings on the wall are a tradition I do with my friends.  I have all of my friends paint me a little canvas, so I can always have a little piece of them wherever I live.  I’ve been doing it for a little over 4 years now and have 32 right now.  In the first column of paintins…the 2nd one is an orange blog, which under closer view is an adorable little chickie that Kelsey painted.  Directly below that is a “26.”  Can you guess who painted that one?  Yep, Kath!  :)

We had to get new blinds because the old ones were in terrrrible shape.  Chris was out getting them while I was photo’ing.


The stuffed thing is Brutus the Buckeye, the OSU mascot!

Other half of the paintings…and now Dakota is waiting for E+K!


Master Bedroom


Another CL find…this one was $60.  Still not too bad for a very large and in good condition dresser.  Quite knobby, don’t ya think?


Window + Door to a little roof patio…not sure how trustable the structure is out there though, haha.


Dinner:  Veggie LOVE night

I wanted to make “In a Jiffy Veggie Spelt Burgers” because they were so insanely delicious and the prep is all of about 8min.  The recipe is flawless but next time I might play around with different spices.

Rough chop everything and throw in a food processor –> add seeds + flour + form into patties –> bake + flip once = EASY


dill + basil + chia seeds + salt + cayenne + garlic  + chickpeas + spinach + onion + red pep + spinach + carrot


This is a great recipe to use if you’ve never tried veggie burgers before.  They are SO healthy, moist, flavorful, + just plain awesome.

Chris requested fresh cut fries.  Ask and you shall receive!


Fresh Cut Baked Fries:

  • 3 russet potatoes
  • s + p [~1/4t each?]
  • ~2t dried rosemary
  • ~2t basil
  • 1T olive oil
  • garlic powder shakes

I didn’t measure the seasonings.  Just apply liberally + coat fries with seasonings and the oil.  I cut the potato into about 1/4” thick pieces.  Bake at 375-400* for about 30-40min.  You can broil for a few at the end if you want them extra crispy.

These were so so so good!!! 


The white sauce is plain Oikos + curry/turmeric/garlic powder/ginger + squirts of ketchup. 

Ketchup is a huge LOVE of mine, hehe ;)  Chris likes to say that I use fries as a tool to eat ketchup.  I’m usually not a big condiment person [hate mustard, don’t really like mayo, etc]  but I can’t help my love for ketchup…sue me!

Oh yeah!!  If you haven’t seen the amazing work Diana is doing at The Chic Life, you should really check it out.  She is organizing a HUGE bake sale and donating all of the proceeds to the American Red Cross – Haiti Relief and Development Fund.  I am really excited that she is doing this and am jumping at the chance to bake for such a great cause.  While I don’t really have the funds to donate much at this time, I can definitely support by baking!  Check out her site for more info.  I decided I am going to make 2 batches of 12 ota.bars for people to bid on!!  It will be your only chance to get ota.bars while the business is on hold!  Tons of other bloggers are making yummy baked goods as well.  Definitely check it out and if you aren’t able to donate, then bake! :)

Gotta get goin…E+K will be here shortly!!! Keep your eye on the blog this weekend for the adventures of Ashley + Kelsey!!!

<3 Ashley