this + that

A samich creation that blew my mind [yesterday’s lunch].


Toasted, Ancient Grains bread [from WF] + 2 scrambled eggs + arugula  + parmesan peppercorn cheese + green pepper


With a Satsuma tangerine on the side.  The most amazing orange fruit ever.


This will be repeated.


I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning the house.  When I gave the fireplace a good clean, look at what I found!  What the heck!  Who puts lipstick/gloss on and smooches the fireplace!??? Who were the last tenants here??  These kiss marks were all over and really took some elbow grease to get off.  Gross.


The chocolate almond milk was even better than I was hoping for!


I got an orchid at Whole Foods the other day.  I have always loved these flowers but never really buy plants.  I thought it would be perfect in our reading/bar room.  [What a combo of activities in that room, no?]  House pics will be coming soon!


It is a little hard to maintain these plants in the dry West because they like a bit of humidity.  I have been misting the soil and keeping some water in the bottom of the pot with rocks [but not submerging the plant at all].  I was told at WF that those 2 things will help mimic humidity for the plan.


They also like a lot of sunshine but not direct light.  So many rules!


It dropped 30* yesterday. Brrrrrrrrrr – We went out to eat and it was fuh-reezing.  I had a portabella samich that sounded so good but it completely failed.  I honestly have yet to be impressed with a portabella burger at any restaurant.  Have you guys had much luck with these?  I was excited because they offered mashed sweet potatoes on the side.  When I tasted them however, they had been mixed with too much cinnamon, brown sugar, and butter. Fail.  I was starving when I got home.


SF yogurt + Bob’s Red Mill Muesli




First time trying this brand…not bad!


My oats on the cold, cold morning!  At least the sun is out.  We’re headed to Wash Park for a chilly walk/jog.


Do my oats look unusually brown today?  Well, I may have dumped in about 1 full Tablespoon on cinnamon on accident.  They were still delish! hehe I loooove cinnamon :)  Topped with Yogi cereal, a dollop of all fruit [no sugar added] berry jam, and pnut butter of course!


I wanted to thank all of you for your comments yesterday.  They were really helpful and made me feel less crazy for being so unsure with where my life is going.  I guess all that I can do is stay true to what I’m passionate about, keep reading/learning, search for unique job opportunities, and keep my eyes + ears open at all times. 

It’s hard to search for the exact thing you want to do with yourself in a time like this, when you should almost be happy with any job.  At least while I am unemployed I have been able to continue doing things that I love [that don’t require much money, hehe].  Blogging about food + my life has helped to keep me sane and busy.  It gives structure to my day and pushes me to try new things and work on my food photography.

So, thank you again.  I appreciate all of my readers and love every time I see a comment roll in my inbox!! 

I finally thought of my New Years resolution

Chew. Slower.

I mean this in 2 ways. 

1] I eat too fast.  I notice sometimes how little I actually chew and how quickly I finish my meal.  Chewing slower will help with digestion, absorption of nutrients, and with the sensation of feeling full [compared to scarfing your food and realizing you overstuffed 10min later].

2] The other meaning, is just in general, taking things slower.  Our society is fast paced and sometimes it is hard to keep up, although I’m not sure it’s entirely necessary to do so.  I like the notion of stretching out experiences and thinking about my surroundings more.  If we are only focused on the next thing in life, too much gets overlooked about what is happening in the “now.” 

All for now,


p.s. Thanks for the interest about a CO blogger meet up.  I will look at the calendar to figure out what date might work the best for everyone.  I’m thinking we can do it at my place + that a potluck would be extremely fun!  Details to come soon :)