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Gooood morning!!!  Actually, it’s about time I get to bed.  But first, a very important recipe.

This looks gross, right?  Hang with me…I promise you’ll think otherwise, in just a minute!  Saturday morning, I woke up craving something other than oats.  A rare occurrence, but it does happen.  English muffins sounded good and French toast was on the brain.  Ashley has a super tasty vegan banana French toast recipe, that I have made a few times.  However, I felt like trying something new today. 

Instead of using mashed banana in place of the egg, I used a flax “egg” and pumpkin.  The results far exceeded anything I imagined.

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This batter has to be spread on, instead of dipping.  It’s thick!  After cooking for about 5min on med/low, I flipped these beauties and started to see them puffing up.  They looked extremely fluffy and smelled divine.  I had no problem cooking these on my stainless pans.  They didn’t stick at all!

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I was surprised that they fluffed up and that they didn’t glue to the pan.  They turned a beautiful golden brown with a crispy crust and doughy interior.  Now what to top these with??

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  • 1/2 banana
  • ~2T pumpkin butter
  • ~2t maple syrup
  • ~1T pumpkin spice almond butter + splash almond milk -> heated + stirred to make sauce


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This was out.of.control.  FANtastic.  One of my most delicious creations yet!  It looks like a lot of food, but was probably less calorie dense, than my typical bowl of oats.  I used Rudi’s Spelt muffins – 120cals each – 1.5g fat – 2g fiber – 5g protein

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It looks extremely indulgent, but really is quite healthy.  The flavors and textures were out of control delicious.

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This worked fabulously with English muffins, but I think any crusty bread would work.  I’m thinking soft sandwich bread might fall apart.  The topping choices are endless for this delicious stack of vegan goodness. 

  • fruit/nuts/nut butter/maple syrup/chocolate chips/chia seeds/etc

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Vegan Pumpkin French Toast [serves 1]

  • 2T ground flax meal + 6T hot water, whisked
  • 3T pumpkin puree
  • 3/4t cinnamon
  • 1/8t all spice
  • 1/8t ginger
  • pinch of cloves
  • pinch of salt
  • 2-4 slices of bread or english muffins
  1. Let flax “eggs” sit for ~5-10min until thick.
  2. Heat a large pan or skillet over medium low heat and lightly oil.
  3. Mix in all other ingredients with “eggs.”
  4. Spread batter on both sides of bread and lay in pan.
  5. Cook about 5min per side, until golden brown.

*If you’re not topping the French toast with something sweet, I recommend adding 1T sugar or maple syrup to the batter. 

*If you don’t like pumpkin, I think you can definitely sub in mashed banana or applesauce instead.

I’m SO very excited about this.  If only we weren’t out of English muffins!! :(