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I’ve been overwhelmed with all of your supportive blog comments + tweets about my latest Project Food Blog post!  Thank you all.  Always!  If you haven’t voted, it’s open until Thursday.  This has been such an exciting opportunity to be a part of and it’s thanks to you that I’ve made it this far!

To say that Sunday was an awesome day, would be an understatement.

I had a smile plastered on my face all day long.  It was hard to fall asleep Saturday night, and I sprung out of bed on Sunday!  Why?  Well, because visitors were coming!!

The lovely Abby + Jessica!

What do you do when you have bloggers coming to visit???? 

Start cooking!

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I also prepared little Ohio-themed goodie baskets for the girls!  Everything was fresh from Shaker Square farmer’s market.  If you’re in Cleveland, you must go check it out!

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Enter the acorn squash.  I just love acorn squash!  This recipe was from this month’s edition of Vegetarian Times magazine.  The prep was a bit time consuming, but fairly simple.  The hardest part was cutting open the squash!  It’s always so hard to cut raw squash, even with sharp knives!  Then, I had to cut a hole in the center and scoop out the seeds + goop.

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Then, so they will sit flat while baking, you have to shave a small piece off the bottom of the squash.

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Don’t cut too much off the bottom, or this will happen.  Oooops.  No problem though!  This one was salvaged!

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The stuffing was a South American veggie ragout.  It was SO amazingly flavorful.  The different textures worked really well together. 

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Before the girls came over, I prepped the squashes and got the soup/stew mixture ready, then popped it in the fridge.  My mom picked up lunch for us from a delicious Mediterranean restaurant, Aladdin's.

hummus + baba + tahini yogurt sauce

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pita + falafel [the falafel was to.die.for!!!]

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Such a fun lunch spread!  My mom ate with us, and we chatted NON-STOP, while shoveling in the food.  I met Abby on my last trip home, but just met Jessica for the first time that day.  There was not ONE second of awkwardness.  I talk to both of these girls multiple times per week and love them dearly.  Just makes it even better that we had the chance to hang out!

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Next, we headed to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens, which were just gorgeous.  We had such a good time and practiced our photography.  The lighting was really great, although a tad chilly.

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Jessica is HILarious.  SO spunky + bubbly + just amazing. 

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Abby has the best stories, and is so kind and adorable.  A pleasure to be around!!! 

I adore them both.  HOW could you not?

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Abby made sure we didn’t get lost.  Just like with our last visit.

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They had an amazing + HUGE herb garden!  We crouched down to waft in the smells.  MMMM


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Purple kale!  I should have used this for my wedding bouquet!  Could have massaged it into a salad with my dinner. ;)

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When we arrived home the squash were just about done in the oven.  I gave my mom instructions on the final steps, [basically just filling the hollowed squash] and she popped them in the oven before we got back.

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Jessica, doing her photo thang!

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Check out Jessica’s post.  She took some amazing shots and also had some really sweet things to say about our day. :)

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I think she was checking to see how many vegetables were inside…hehehe  If you know Jessica, you know she’s not too crazy about veggies!  However, she said she loved this [and I believe her ;)].

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Make sure to check out Abby’s post, recapping our day as well.  It was beautiful.  She had some really amazing things to say not only about our day + our friendship, but the blogging community as a whole. 

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Jessica brought dessert!  24 mini pumpkin cupcakes + raw macaroons, that I forgot to photograph, because I was too busy eating them. :)

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I love these ladies like I have known them my whole life.  Without this amazing community, I wouldn’t have found them, or all of YOU.  I feel so very lucky.

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The hardest part was saying goodbye…but I know I will see them again soon….

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My parents had getting to know Abby + Jess too!  :)

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Who do I look like more?


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or Dad?

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One more day in Cleveland.  Better rest UP!!!

Night :)

<3 Ash