Happy Birthday Brothers!!!

My brother’s birthday is October 8th and my brother-in-law’s birthday is October 9th.  So today, I thought I would give a big shout out to them both!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [31st] JOSH + [30th] PAT!!!!!


Growing up, we definitely had our fair share of loving spats. I remember a few instances where I really got my brother good.  Like the time I swiped a chair out from under him, just as he was about to sit down.  However, I also remember receiving many noogies and rug-burns in return. 


I also remember putting on performances for my parents, when we lived in Michigan.  My brother was pretty rad on the Casio keyboard and I really knew how to bust out the dance moves. 


It’s funny because I used to think my brother and I were SO different.  However, as the years continue on, I realize we are extremely similar.  We are both artistic + musically inclined.  I would have to say my brother wins in the music + drawing category though!!  


We are also both extremely passionate about the things we love.


My brother’s dedication to music inspires me! 

(13 of 18)

Love you bro!!


Even when you’re making fun of me for taking photos of everything 24/7.  :) 

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And now for Pat…

(3 of 7)

Ohhh Pat :)

(7 of 17)

Pat definitely feels like an older brother to me.  He loves giving me a hard time…


We’re too old for noogies…but he still knows how to press my buttons.  Don’t worry, I try to dish it back.


But that’s okay…I can take little brotherly harassment every now + again.


Because the rest of the time, Pat is super fun.  He watches out for me and always has my back!


We share a lot of common interests as well.  We both sport the Vibram 5 Fingers, love running + working out, love FOOD, and enjoy good tunes!


Never a dull moment when Pat is around! :)


Happy birthday brothers!!!    

Love - your annoying little sister,