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#1 – I’m getting closer at perfecting the ground farro for breakfast.  A few problems so far –> not being able to grind the grain to the right texture with the food processor…Thanks to all of your tips and the obvious one about using my Vita Mix.  Can we say “duh?”  I will be trying that out in the morning.  The second problem is that I was using canned coconut milk, because I was out of almond milk.  Don’t get my wrong, it’s delicious, but it was too creamy, even mixed partially with water.  I’m really trying to get to the exact consistency I experienced at il Cane Rosso. 

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This bowl was still 100% delicious, so here is the recipe! :)

Creamy Coconut Farro Porridge

  • 1/3c [rounded] ground farro
  • 3/4c canned coconut milk
  • 1/2c water
  • 1/2T butter/earth balance
  • 2t sucanat/brown sugar
  • currants
  • almonds
  • peanut butter
  1. In a small pot, bring water, coconut milk + farro to a boil over medium heat.
  2. Whisk a few times as needed, and let cook for ~15min. 
  3. While cooking, stir in butter + sucanat.
  4. Pour into a bowl, when desired consistency is reached. 

This bowl was very THICK. 

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Close UP!!  Because I just can’t help myself!!

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#2 – Unfortunately “thing #2” has no photos.  But fortunately for me because it has to do with swimming and aqua jogging.  I was not about to ask the lifeguard to photograph me in the pool.  Recently, Ashley posted about aqua jogging and it really got me intrigued.  Today I decided to give it a shot, mixed in with my normal laps.  I tried using one of the belts that helps keep you afloat in the water, but the clasp was broken, so I jogged without it.  Here is what my workout looked like:

  • 100m kickboard warm-up
  • 500m freestyle
  • 250m aqua jogging
  • 500m breaststroke
  • 250m aqua jogging
  • 250m freestyle
  • 100m breaststroke cool-down

total workout time = 1 hour

Aqua jogging rocked.  I got a GREAT leg workout.  My quads were burning!  I also feel like this could help with barefoot running because jogging in the water forces you to stay on your toes.  I can definitely tell this is a beneficial addition to my workout routine!  You may feel a little goofy, but it’s totally worth it!  It makes the workout go by so quickly when you have a lot of variation like the routine above.  I felt great after this! 

#3 – A very bad dog, ate my very favorite shoe. 

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I raaarely wear heels anymore.  If I do wear heals, these are the ones I wear.  I bought them at White House Black Market on sale for $30 [from $100]!!  My feet have gotten so used to being barefoot or wearing Vibrams, almost all shoes feel horrible on my feet, especially heels.  However, once in a while [like 4x a year], I sacrifice a little pain to wear these.

Maybe the guilty dog was really doing me a favor??

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This was actually extremely surprising.  These shoes have been out of my suitcase and on the floor for over a week.  Kenna has never chewed on a shoe before.  She has put a few holes in blankets, and in my jeans, but not much else.  I guess we’re lucky the dogs haven’t destroyed more of our possessions.

What made her decide to chew my shoe on this one day???  Dogs are so weird.  The bedroom door was actually closed most of the day too.  There was about a 1hr window where it could have happened. 

Oh well…


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Looks guilty…but not guilty.

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“what’s for dinner???”

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In about 28hrs, I’m getting picked up to leave for airport!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is this a dream??