light your night

What time is it?  What day is it?  My body + brain are a bit confused!  Even though there was only a 1hr time difference in OR, late-night travel will definitely leave you confused + sleepy.  Last night on the shuttle, at 1:30am, the driver was asking me questions about where I live.  They had my address RIGHT there in the GPS.  I think they were just trying to make small talk, but at 1:30am, I was not in the mood.  Honestly, I was so out of it that I couldn’t even answer the questions!  I apologized and told her I was really tired + new to town, so I had no idea.  Finally walked in the door at 2:45am.  Phew!

I got caught up today, took the dogs for walks and did a short indoor bike ride.  My camera finally got unpacked around 6pm.  I wanted to play with a few ideas for roasted nuts that I thought of.

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They need more work, but are well on their way.

These are Sea Salt Smoked Paprika.  Delicious, but not salty enough and need to add more paprika and garlic powder.  I think this variety has the most potential.

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Last week I picked up a few “daylight” light bulbs to build a light box at home.  I haven’t built the box yet, but put 2 of them in my kitchen for what turned out to be pretty decent light!

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These are the lights!  I can’t wait to make the light box, but even having these hooked up in the kitchen is a huge help!  A nice cool color that will just have to do through winter.  This is a great cheap option if you don’t have money for an external flash or if you don’t want to use the nasty on-camera flash.

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I used a mix of almonds, cashews + peanuts for the paprika mix.  I used a really small amount, in case they didn’t turn out. 

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Cocoa cayenne!  These needed more cayenne and maybe some honey??  Any ideas?  They just weren’t right.

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I also made a mix of Cinnamon Vanilla walnuts + almonds, but even those weren’t right.  Definitely having an off night! 

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So then I just moved straight onto tea.  This tea is delicious and was under $3.  I typically heat up 1/2 water and 1/2 almond milk and then let it steep.  Creamy, pumpkiny, YUM.

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Tomorrow I’m off to the store to do some last minute Thanksgiving shopping.  Luckily it’s not at my house, and I only have to make a few things.  We’re headed to a friend’s house in Denver, just like last year.  There should be about 15 people there.  Last year was a blast, so I’m really excited for this year’s get together.  Will definitely be missing the fam in Ohio though!!

This year I’ll be making:

We’ll see if I can get it all done! 

Time to relax + get to bed early! 


p.s. I guest posted on Abby’s blog the other day for her Barefoot Running series!  You can check out my running story and transition to Vibrams here.