…my hands are burrrning from eating 3 tangerines.  The cuts on my hands are not letting up!  Fiery pain all over, but the tangerines were so delicious, that it’s worth it!

Now, onto more important things.  Breakfast.

I used a rye/oat/barley/wheat blend from Trader Joe’s that was delicious.  Had a bit more chew than regular oats.

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1/2 banana + pnut butter + cracklin oat bran [yummm] + dried cherries on top

My dad eats a bowl of oats every single morning too.  His only topping is cracklin oat bran.  Such a delicious cereal!

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Things have been a little busy at home.  Even busier than normal.  I did a better job documenting my day and even whipping up a few new treats!

Hellloooo new almond butter!

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Cherry chocolate almond?  Yes please!

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Just in time for the holidays, this is a decadent nut butter filled with goodies.

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It would be delicious on a thumbprint cookie with a little jelly on top.  Or of course on oats…or graham crackers…or on a spoon. :)

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Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter

  • 3c raw almonds
  • 1/3c chopped dark chocolate chips [or white chocolate]
  • 2T maple syrup
  • 1/2t fine grain sea salt
  • 1t vanilla
  • 1/4t almond extract [optional]
  • 3/4c chopped cherries
  1. Preheat oven to 300*
  2. On a parchment lined pan, spread almonds in a single layer.
  3. Coat almonds in maple syrup and bake for 25 minutes, stirring once halfway through.
  4. Let almonds cool for about 10min.
  5. While cooling – In your food processor chop the chocolate and empty into a bowl.
  6. Repeat with cherries and empty into a bowl.
  7. Add almonds and process, scraping bowl as needed, until smooth + buttery.  This took about 6-8min in the 11c Cuisinart that my mom has.  *If you have a 7c processor, halve this recipe.
  8. After butterized, add in salt, and extracts.
  9. Process again until smooth.
  10. Empty into a bowl and let cool for 30min-1hr.  *You want it fully cool so the chocolate doesn’t melt when you stir it in.
  11. Once cooled, stir in cherries + chocolate.
  12. Store in a sealed container in a dry/dark place, or in the fridge.

No oil was necessary for this one at all!

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All mixed up, this nut butter is still very creamy and spreadable.  The hidden surprises of chocolate + cherry will be welcomed by all. :)

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Since I was absent yesterday, I have TWO recipes for you today!  I made pecan butter once before, but it did not turn out this good.  I haven’t bought pecans for awhile, because they are pricier than walnuts + almonds.  However, buying a few cups of pecans for this, is highly worth it.  Definitely, by far, one of my favorites.

You might notice the cashews in this photo.  You can’t taste them, but it helped get a super smooth consistency and mellow out the flavor a bit.  My original pecan butter, with pecans only, was a tad bitter.  I’ve heard you should add cashews when making walnut butter as well.

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It’s hard to step away from the maple infused butters, because they are just so dang tasty.  I know that a maple pecan butter would be outstanding.  However, I wanted a simple salted pecan butter.

It smells divine and tastes even better. 

Salted Pecan Butter

  • 2 1/2c pecans
  • 3/4c cashews
  • 1/2t fine grain sea salt
  • 1T pure cane sugar
  1. Preheat oven to 300*
  2. On a parchment lined pan, spread nuts in a single layer.
  3. Toast for about 20min total, until lightly browned, stirring once or twice.  Keep your eye on them!
  4. Let cool for about 10-15min.
  5. Empty into your food processer [half the recipe if using a 7c size] and turn on.
  6. Scrape down the bowl as necessary, until smooth + buttery.  ~6-8min  *This one butterized quickly!
  7. Add in salt + cane sugar and process again until smooth.
  8. Empty into a sealed container and store in a dark/dry place or in the refrigerator.

I am really excited about this!!!

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And if the nut butters weren’t enough, I also made my smoked paprika almonds today!  Nut butters + spiced nuts just make such perfect gifts!  I’m thinking about turning this into a savory nut butter. 

Can you imagine smoked paprika almond butter on a cracker with some melted sharp cheddar cheese? Ahhhhhhhhh

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Imagine my delight when I opened my parents spice cabinet and found my beloved smoked paprika.

la la la la laaaaaaaa

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It would be a fun idea to give someone the smoked paprika almonds with a jar of the smoked paprika.  Or you could give a nice bag of homemade graham crackers alongside the nut butter. 

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Dinner unfortunately went unphotographed, but I just have to tell you about it.  I made Mama Pea’s “meat”balls [soy free] that will be in her book this August.  I got a sneak peak of some of the recipes and tried this one while I was in Oregon, shooting her book photos.  I looooved it and knew my family would too.  I made the “meat”balls and everyone from my 12yr old cousin Jenna + her 15yr old brother, to my aunt’s mother loved them.  It was so much fun to have them try a veggie meal like that.  I’m lucky they are adventurous!  These “meat”balls could win anyone over though!!  You’ll see soon enough. :)

Also – I just added a “print post” feature, that you can find in the comment bar at the bottom of each post.  It doesn’t only print the recipes, but with 1 click you can remove all photos and you can also delete text by paragraph with one click as well.  I have been trying to figure out how to do the “print recipe” but somehow haven’t gotten it yet.  This was the next best thing.  Hope it helps!!

Off to bed….while visions of pecans are sure to dance in my head….

<3 Ashley