on slowing down: soup!

This past fall I really wanted to learn how to make soup + bread.  I was on a bread kick for awhile, but the soup thing didn’t really pan out.  Who am I kidding..neither did the bread.  There were maybe 3 loaves.

Well, winter is here [although still fairly warm] and I’m really digging soup.  For some reason, I don’t feel quite confident enough to make my own soup though.  I know it’s kind of hard to mess up and you can keep tweaking it while cooking, but for now, I will trust recipes.

This recipe was definitely worth trusting!

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I love fennel. 

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Vibrant green with a sweet + slight aniseed flavor, a white bulbous end, and little green sprigs sprouting out the top.

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Another current obsession has been carrots.  I’ve had a 5lb bag for a week and have already consumed at least 2.5lbs of it, with barely any help from the huz.  Carrots have come and go in my diet, but lately, they’re eaten on a daily basis. 

I buy full sized carrots…no slimy baby carrots in this house!  Wash, scrub, and slice…sprinkle with a little salt and they are perfect!

Or put them in soup!  Actually, I’m not a huge fan of cooked carrots.  I will eat them but they’re just “okay.”  So why am I making a soup FULL of carrots?  Because it sounded delicious, that’s why!

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Adding rice to soup is never a bad thing.  Love the different textures of wild rice.

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Amazing smells were wafting from this pot!  Stainless steel pots + pans are a major love of mine.

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This was a quick soup, and not much prep work either.  Cook the rice, chop 2 veggies and some garlic, sauté, stir, add broth, simmer, add rice.  Easy!  Although I would have never come up with this on my own!

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Garnished with the recommended parmesan cheese and fennel sprigs.

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The parmesan really helped bring all of the flavors together.  Only having cooked this soup for 25min, the carrots were not soggy.  They were slightly soft, but still had a nice bite.  The rice was chew and the slivered fennel was mellow and pleasant.  I absolutely loved this soup.  It’s sort of a rustic soup, with great flavor, chew + slurp!

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I accidentally left out the last step.  The recipe called for adding blood orange olive oil or a little orange juice.  However, nothing felt like it was missing to me…except maybe a fresh baguette.

There is something amazing about making your own soup.  I just love the process. 

101 Cookbooks - Carrot and Fennel Soup

<3 Ashley

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