boarding @ breck

Remember the good ol’ days with the rewind button on cassette players?  [If you’re to young to know what a cassette play is…I’m going to s.c.r.e.a.m. hehehe]  Actually RWD + FWD was soooo annoying to deal with…I’ll avoid you the button pressing and get straight to the point.

Rewind ---> Arrive ---> Saturday @ Breck

I forgot I had my point n’ shoot full of photos from our day at Breckenridge on Saturday.  We had a b.l.a.s.t. Chris, Hovan and I stuck together all day, mostly in the trees.  I’m actually starting to enjoy playing in the trees!  We did get caught on one run that was a bit hairy though!

Colorado has gorgeous sunrises…yes, we were up + out the door at 6:30am to get to the mountains.  I swear it’s worth it!


The mountains were glowing piiink!


Morning [cold] muesli bowl!  I made it the same as Thursday, however I left out the chia seeds.  I think my insides need a few days break from these wonder seeds… ;)  However, the consistency is SO much better with the seeds!



So, here is the run that was a bit intense.  We pretty much inched our way through.  It was SO steep + dense with trees there was literally no way you could actually ride through. 

Chris got a bit tangled, haha.  Yes, I’m laughing…it was funny. 


Half way down.


I told you it was steep.  This doesn’t even really do it justice!  I went super slow and perfected my “falling leaf” routine through the trees.  [Think of leaf falling in the sky…kind of floats from side to side…well I had my board perpendicular with the mountain floating from side to side]  There was no way I was pointing straight down!


Chris is new to skiing this year.


Limbo time!


Ski pOppEd off!



We may or may not have passed around this container of weird tasting apple juice [hehehe] after that intensely ridiculous run…ahhh!  [Sorry mom..promise we were going really slooow + fully helmetted ;)]

IMG_1805  whole wheat + pnut butter [on BOTH sides] + cacao bliss + banana

You can kind of see that it turns into a hard layer of chocolate coconutty goodness!!!


Another post on its waaaaaaaaaay!