AHmazing give-a-waaaay

I think you know by now that I am a HUGE fan of Amazing Grass and all of their products.  You have seen me post about them basically since I started this blog.  About a month [or so] ago, I was lucky enough to receive a LARGE package of samples from the generous peeps at Amazing Grass.  They sent me samples of every product they sell.  I was in grassy heaven :) hehee

The woman I have been speaking with offered a giveaway for all of YOU when I was done sampling the products.

Well…I’m DONE :)  Lucky YOU!  Amazing Grass is going to HOOK UP one lucky reader with a package valued at ~$85!!! And even better the winner gets to choose the products they want!

Here is what you can choose from:

TWO of any of their Green SuperFood 8.5oz jars or Wheat Grass


AND…either 1 caddy of any Whole Food Energy Bars

OR 1 canister of their Amazing Meal

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This is a crazzzzzy deal that I wish I could enter myself ;)

Do you want me to pick my favorites?? That is not an easy question.  Let me start off by saying I really like all of their products, even the KIDZ SuperFood!  You will be surprised that you can cover up the “earthy grass” flavor in smoothies if you are worried about that.

So out of the SuperFood + the plain Wheat Grass, I would say that I would buy the “original” flavor or the plain “wheat grass.”  These are not meant as a meal replacement, and only have about 30 calories.  So, I like to start with a neutral flavor that leaves a blank canvas for me to make any flavor I want with my smoothie.  If you want it a little chocolatey one day…say Chocolate Banana…Just add 1T of unsweetened cocoa powder.  Feel like a tropical flavor?  Add some frozen pineapple, kiwi, banana, and mango.

As for the Green SuperFood bars, I will warn you that the “plain” is very plain and earthy.  It has a mild sweetness and is full of nuts.  I LOVE it, but it might take some time to get used to.  The texture is similar [but better in my opinion] to Larabars.  The same goes for the berry bar.  It has a little less earthiness but it’s still there.  I would say the best options for the bars if you’re a beginner is either the chocolate or peanut butter.  If you’re looking for a protein kick, then go with the peanut butter.  I was shocked that the protein bar does not have that nasty protein taste that you’re used to.

My favorite Amazing Meal is the chocolate.  You can add it to milk [any type of milk] and shake for a quick refreshing drink after a workout.  It will leave your body feeling energized and restored.  If you still want to beef up the Amazing Meal [it’s only ~110 cals] throw in some ice, banana + greek yogurt.  YUM.  The pom mango variety adds a nice fruity kick that also leaves you with many options to add things in.

So, what are the nutritional benefits?

Well from my experience I can honestly tell you:

  • Easy to digest

  • Satisfying…not just drinking to drink because it’s good for me

  • ENERGY..no joke, you feel it!

  • No jitters, common to caffeine energy

  • Clean, it doesn’t make you feel weighed down

  • Keeps me full, which is no easy task!

  • Keeps you REGULAR..hahaha..seriously

Here are some more specifics, on the benefits of Wheat Grass, from the Amazing Grass website.  They have a lot more info, if you are interested, just check them out!

  • Increases and sustains energy naturally

  • Detoxifies and cleanses your body

  • High alkalinity helps balance your body’s pH level

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • Insoluble fiber gently cleanses your digestive tract and promotes regularity

  • Complete food with enzymes and all essential amino acids

  • Natural source of antioxidants to help repair damaged cells

  • Excellent source of beta carotene, folic acid and vitamin C

  • Whole leaf powder- not from juice!

  • Dehydrated below 107 and nitrogen packed to preserve the raw food properties

  • 10x the chlorophyll of tray grown wheatgrass juice

  • Field grown outdoors through a cold winter

  • Tested free of mold

  • Gluten free and Vegan

  • Certified Organic

I had a question on what to do with Amazing Grass products besides making Green Monsters.  Well, here are a slew of ideas…some mine and some from the blog world…with Green Monsters included because they are just SO good :)

Chocolate Banana Green Monster

_MG_1446 _MG_1450

Suuuuuuuuuuuperrrrr Maaaaaaaan Green Monster

_MG_1769 _MG_1770

Check out my RECIPES page under LIQUID EATS for more Amazing Grass recipe ideas!




Sorry…it’s my first giveaway…I’m excited!!!!

There are a lot of recipes using Amazing Grass products around the blog world.  Teri even used the Chocolate SuperFood in her pancakes last night.  mmmm yes please!

AG’s website has a bunch of recipes too!

Okaaaay…so here’s the deal! This will be open for 48hrs [so it will close at 5pm MOUTAIN time]  Just leave a comment with some interesting fact or tidbit, a link to something interesting I might like, a recipe idea for green monsters, etc.  You get my point :) I’m not going to do the multiple entry thing because I know not everyone has Twitter and Facebook, etc.  There will be one lucky winner that is chosen using the online random number generator.

However, feel free to TWEET this crazy deal to your friends!  mention @edibleASH

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Later folks…good luck!!!!!!