can’t remember!

There was something I had in mind to blog about today, which doesn’t happen often…like an actual topic and not just miles of yammering.  Are you curious to know what it is?  So am I…I can’t think of what it was…at all…what the heck?  I guess I’ll just get on with things.

Homemade goodness will continue soon with a “gluten free, sugar-dairy-soy free” snack. [requested by Darryn]  Yesterday was hectic with going to Ft.Collins and today was pretty busy taking care of a lot of to-do’s.

Re-heated Irish steel cut oats with hemp milk + cinnamon + vanilla + 1/2 banana + AB + PB + jam + granola + graham cracker

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This was equal in size [or larger] than my typical bowls of oats and it only kept me full for 2hrs today.  My hunger was off the charts today.

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A gigantic carrot + almond butter + tangerine

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Headed to the rec center for a 30min swim before lunch.  I managed to actually get my swim cap on today and it totally helped!  I was able to breathe easier because my hair wasn’t draining water into my mouth anymore. :)  I watched a few videos on arm technique and feel like I have a good grasp on how my body is moving.  The one thing I have a hard time with is the breathing.  I am always gasping for air.  I’ve only gone 4-5x and I know it might take awhile…but any swim breathing tips are welcome! 

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Killer lunch.  Irish brown bread + 3 farm fresh eggs [pour, poke, spread method of cooking] + salad

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There IS lettuce under all those veggies.  So delicious + crunchy.  Cucumber + sweet mini peppers + baby bellas + cheddar goat cheese + avocado + homemade dressing

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There is no denying that I love eggs.  I will definitely be picking up another dozen at the market tomorrow.

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So, Wednesday was 70*, Thursday was 65* and today it was 30* and snowy.  We got somewhere around 8” and on Sunday it’s going to be 55*  Weird weird weather!

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Met up with some friends at Breckenridge Brewery.  I drank 1/2…it was good but didn’t feel like chuggin’ away. 

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Ali was representin’ OHIO and wanted you to know :) 

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I’m going nowhere with this post and I’m okay with that.

Moral of the story: 

  1. I feel like I lost my brain…maybe in the pool or my swim cap?? 
  2. Freaking LOVE farm fresh eggs.
  3. My favorite thing to eat with Almond Butter are carrots.