the lone graham

My last graham cracker!!  Yes, these have stayed completely fresh for about 2 weeks and could have gone longer.  The granola has stayed really fresh too.  It’s nice to make things at home, without preservatives, that can actually stick around for awhile.

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Seeing that this was my last graham cracker, I obviously must make more…tomorrow!!  Next time I make them I will also better document how I consume them.  Here were some of the ways..

  1. crushed up in almond or hemp milk
  2. in oatmeal
  3. pnut butter graham cracker samich
  4. s’more
  5. plain

Super delicious anyway you eat them.  Can’t wait to make graham cracker pie crust, from these homemade grahams at some point! 

Check this out:

  1. Study Shows You Get Fatter From HFCS [high fructose corn syrup] than Sugar”  [brief article!]
  2. I will be documenting this!! Super easy, make your own GREEN cleaning products..just in time for spring cleaning!  Anyone interested??

Question:  Did any of you ladies get your wedding dresses cleaned and preserved??  Mine is still in my closet at home waiting to be preserved…going on 2yrs now ;) Oops!  My mom + I have both done a ton of research and I just can’t decide on a company to use.  Did anyone have a really good experience?  

Off to watch episode 2 of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!!