a no bake crunchy treat

What happens when you open a can of pumpkin?  Well, you have to use it up!  No problemo :)

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Same recipe as yesterday, except the CRUNCH was the end of my protein packed granola.  YUM. 

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I’m feeling about 95% better, just a little stuffy, so I wanted to get to the gym today.  I took off awhile after breakfast to walk to the rec center, which was closed!  Denver city offices were closed today in observance of Cesar Chavez day.  I feel like this is something I should know about but don’t…

So I ended up walking there and back for a total of 1.5m.  When I came home I did 30min hip opening flow from yogadownload.com.  Totatlly amazing!!  My body was feeling completely out of whack from a week parked mainly on the couch.  My hip flexors + hamstrings were tight, as well as my neck + back.  I could tell a HUGE difference just after that short stretch session.  Just lovely :)

Lunch time.  I finally got to buying this yogurt called Noosa.  It is locally made at a dairy farm here in Colorado.  Whole Foods sells their milk + yogurt.  The milk is awesome and noticeably has more flavor.  Well the yogurt was just amazing.  It was creamy and rich with an awesome raspberry flavor.  There was no “fake” taste and it was not too sweet.  It’s not something I’ll buy frequently because the protein is low-ish [5g per serving] but still fun once in awhile.

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I pan satueed a bunch of veggies and wrapped them up in a sprouted grain Ezekial wrap. 

What’s in the mix?

  • broccoli
  • red pepper
  • mung bean sprouts
  • kale

Cooked in:

  • olive oil
  • balsamic
  • apple cider vinegar
  • s+p

Topped with:

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With a side of 4% cottage cheese + noosa raspberry yogurt.

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Chris was itching to get to the rock gym.  I was feeling really good after yoga, so I thought it might be fun.  If my head hurt or anything I could just belay Chris until he was ready to leave.  Snack “to go” style on the way to the gym.

Whatever reader suggested pear + almond butter…thank you! 

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It was great to get back to the rock gym after over a week off.  My body was definitely still pretty tired.  I did not have my full strength, so I didn’t push it.  We climbed a few routes and then did a little bouldering.  SO fun :)

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As soon as I got home I made my way to the kitchen.  I have been meaning to make the 101 Cookbooks recipe for Peanut Butter Krispy Treats.  I made this back in the fall and it was seriously SO good.  They were like rice krispy treats, but better!!

I have been on a gluten free baking kick.  There no substitutions to make this gluten free, which is nice..it started of GF!

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mini-muffin cups

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Normal size muffin pan

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I wanted to see if I could “health” up the recipe a bit.  I think it definitely worked!

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So adorable + delicious.

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Rice, Nut, + Seed Krispies [altered from this recipe]

  • 3/4c unsalted peanut butter
  • 1/2c brown rice syrup
  • 2T maple syrup
  • 1t salt
  • 1t arrowroot starch, dissolved in 1-2tsp water [or tapioca or cornstarch]
  • 3 1/2c unsweetened crisp brown rice cereal [not puffed cereal]
  • 3/4c toasted, chopped almonds [or whatever kind you prefer]
  • 1/4c hemp seeds
  • 3T chia seeds
  • 1/2c ground flax meal
  • 1/2c pepitas
  1. Heat pnut butter, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, and starch mixture over medium heat, stirring frequently.
  2. In a bowl combine salt, cereal, 1/2c almonds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax, and pepitas.  Mix well.
  3. When liquid mixture starts to slightly bubble around the sides, turn the heat off and pour in the dry mixture.
  4. Carefully fold the ingredients together until well combined.
  5. Line 18-24 muffin tins and fill them, to desired amount.  Press with the back of spoon to compact ingredients together.
  6. Sprinkle with remaining nuts + lightly press down.
  7. Refrigerate until set + enjoy!

If you want, instead of using muffin tins you can spread the mixture in a glass baking dish.  Refrigerate and cut when they are set. 

These are suuuuuuuuuuper delicious.  I bet any kid would gobble them right up!  If you want a simpler recipe definitely check out the originial.  It is amazing!

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Off to bed!!  I have to get up early tomorrow…because I have a part time job!  Yes that’s right!  Can you guess where??  Whole Foods!!  Go figure right?  I mean it only makes sense ;)  I’m training this week and excited to get started. 

Night night!!