and the results are in!

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Amazing Grass giveaway.  I had to delete any of the comments that were from outside the US :( [sorry!] and there were a few double comments that I deleted as well.

A quick message to my readers….COMMENT MORE :)  You are hilarious + full of knowledge!!  I love alllll of the new recipes + tips that you gave me.  I have a plethora of links to add to “my favorites,” from your suggestions now too!  Not to mention a slew of blogs to check out.  Like I needed to spend more time on the computer? I’ll definitely be sharing some of these sites and tips once I have time to go through them.

Okay Okay…the random number generator selected LUCKY #79


CONGRATS Tieghan!!! “I love amazing grass, but I live up in the mountains, Frisco to be exact so I can not find it any where up here! I ether have to drive to Denver and go to whole foods or order it off line. I really hope I wine and I would love to meet you since we live so close!!!”

[I’ll shoot you an email with the info you need]

Thanks to everyone who participated again!  And watch out for another awesome cookbook giveaway coming up in the next week or so! 

Now…what to make for dinner……

<3 Ashley <3