1.5 fails

I woke up this morning with 1 thing on the brain.  Pancakes.  Why?  I feel like the blog world has been pancake crazy lately and after reading Jessica’s pancake post this morning, I had to make some.  Usually when I wake up, I get to making my oats right away.  This morning I scoured the blogosphere for pancake-creations!!  I don’t know exactly what I was looking for but apparently I never found it because i decided to make up my own recipe.

I vita-mixed all of the dry ingredients.

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And then the wet..

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AND THEN I took an idea from HEAB!  She made pancakes the other day and tried to recreate her favorite Pop Tart flavor.  I was sold on this idea.

What’s your favorite flavor?  Did you used to eat Pop Tarts?  We didn’t buy them too often but when we did I LOVED the cherry with frosting and brown sugar. 

AH-mazing pancake topper: 

  • ~10-12 frozen cherries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/4c coconut milk [or other milk]
  1. Blend into fluff!

This was SO SO good all on it’s own. 

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The purple fluff saved the pancakes.  They weren’t terrible or even bad but just not the best.  They were however packed with protein and fiber.  The first batch that cooked were a little thick.

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Not recipe worthy but here were some of the ingredients:

  • coconut flour
  • ground flax
  • oat flour
  • rolled oats
  • hemp seeds
  • cinnamon
  • eggs
  • coconut milk
  • vanilla

I added more coconut milk which really helped the texture.  They had a great earthy/nutty flavor from all of the flours and hemp!

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Pop Tart goodness:  Cherry Fluff + Coconut Butter frosting + Sucanat [instead of brown sugar]

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The contrast of flavors with the pancakes and toppings were fabulous!!  Now I just need to work on that pancake recipe ;)  I should have stuck to Jessica’s!  This was a 1/2 fail recipe.

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After this 5hrs our life got sucked into Turbo Tax.  Yes, we JUST did our taxes.  Whatever, don’t judge ;)  However, if it wasn’t for TT it would have sucked up about 72hrs I’m sure.  We had to deal with the ota.bar taxes and whatnot…oh.so.fun.  Very glad it’s overrrrrrrr!!

And thennnn I walked to the gym to get in a good leg workout. 

  • walked .75m to the gym
  • 3 sets of: leg curls, leg extensions
  • 8min of the stair climber
  • 3 sets of: seated leg press, seated calf raises
  • 3 sets of: lunges + stability ball ab work
  • 2.25m walk home

Phew.  Then this!!  The 2nd half of my lunch.  I thought I had a genius idea for a coconut protein smoothie.  This was also inspired by Ms. How Sweet!!  I used her idea for a coconutty tropical smoothie but I made up my own version. 


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I give my execution about a 5/10.  I gave Chris a little 6oz glass of it..he drank a slurp or 2 and I asked how it was [before I tasted it].  You should know Chris loves smoothies of all kinds…green smoothies with spinach…smoothies with Amazing Grass, etc.  His answer was “it’s earthy.” LOL. 

Then I tried it and thought it was pretty yummy…then continued to eat more [with a spoon…THIck!!] and it was definitely earthy.  The coconut flavor didn’t come through enough even with added coconut butter.  I thought the champagne mango would really sweeten it up but it was overpowering with banana.  It had a bit of a gritty texture from the coconut flour and protein powder.  I drank about 10oz and was STUFFED.  I have no idea how much protein and fiber [mostly from the coconut flour + protein powder] was in this little guy but it was a LOT.  I might be regretting all of my fiber intake tomorrow…hehehe

Not the prettiest looking thing.

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I said something to Chris like I about it being a FAIL and he said my fails are a rare occurrence.  Good response ;)  At least this thing was packed with health!

Then, we were off to get in an upper body workout at the rock gym! 

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Awesome workout.  We bouldered for an hour and had a blast.  I completed a problem that I haven’t been able to get the past 3 times we’ve gone.  Such a good feeling.  We also made new friends at the gym..it was kind of exciting :)

Lot’s of errands to run tomorrow and hundreds of photos to edit.  I should probably get to bed!



p.s. Because of my 1.5 fails today I thought I would leave dinner in Chipotle’s hands.  Our Chipotle now has brown rice and it’s DEElicious!! I got the veggie burrito bowl as always.  They also have an awesome new mild salsa!!  I scarfed.