5 ladies + a baby

So I have definitely figured out a recipe for the most perfect bowl of oats.  It was the same as yesterday’s, but I wanted to try it again to make sure.  I’m sure! 

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Perfected Oatmeal Mix:

  • 1/3 rounded cup rolled oats
  • 2/3c milk [I used almond + coconut today]
  • 1/3c water
  • 1/2 banana [thinly sliced]
  • 1t vanilla
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • 1 egg white, whisked
  1. Heat a small saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Pour in oats, liquid, banana, vanilla, and cinnamon
  3. Stir to combine
  4. Let simmer about 4-8min [depending on your stove..I have found it varies greatly with gas + electric and non-stick or stainless steel]
  5. About 2min before they’re done, quickly whisk in the egg white until completely combined and let cook for 2min.
  6. Pour into a bowl!

The past 2 days I’ve been rounding the 1/3c scoop and I can tell the bowls are just a tad bigger, which I’m liking. 

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  • 2T Raspberry Galaxy Granola
  • 1/2T pnut butter
  • 1/2T pistachio coconut butter
  • 1T fig jam

I savored each + every bite.  The pistachio butter was DEElicious on oatmeal!

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I met up with Melissa, Sarah, Allison and Katie for a girls afternoon out…and of course baby Jake tagged along.  He’s turning ONE in 2 weeks.  I can’t believe it.  He’s looking SO much older.  He is still the best baby ever.  If all babies were like Jake I might have 5…well, maybe not five…but at least one!

Please take note of his bib!! His mommy + daddy are HUGE sushi lovers!

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so grown up!

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The girls and I went to Gaia Bistro, where I took my mom the other week.  It was perfection, again!  They make the most amazing french baguette I’ve ever had.  The crust is almost slightly like a sourdough and the center has a great soft texture.

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Melissa split with me…I LOVE splitting!!!  Caprese samich, with roasted tomatos, mozz, and some awesome house made pesto.  The best caprese sandwich I’ve ever had, by a long shot.  Everything was so fresh.  We ate outside which was super exciting to finally be able to do. 

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The monster wanted some!!

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We also split a savory buckwheat flour crepe..the same one my mom + I got :)

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Perfect lunch with perfect company. 

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Sarah, Allison, Katie, Melissa + Jake.  Allison + Katie are visiting Melissa from Ohio.  Allison and I have known each other since the 2nd grade.  It was great to see everyone!

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I hopped in this one!

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The most amazing chandelier eveR!!

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Allison was extremely excited about her floppy hat purchase.  Totally adorable.  I took them to a bunch of my favorite little shops in Denver.

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And I obviously took them to Happy Cakes.  A girls’ day out just isn’t complete without something sweet!  Like I’ve said before, I’m usually not the biggest chocolate cake fan.  However, when I saw a Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Orange Butter Cream I could not pass it up.

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Sarah go the “Happy Together” cupcake.  I think that’s the cutest name ever for a marble cupcake. 

Dk. Chocolate Orange Review:  The cake was out of this world amazing.  There were dark chocolate chips inside as well and the cake was fudge-like.  I definitely liked the intense dark chocolate flavor more than normal chocolate cake.  I’ve never had a cupcake with a consistency like this.  The frosting however, is just way too sweet for me and I think the orange intensified that even more so.  I love orange + dk chocolate together but could have lived with about 1t of frosting.  I only ate about half of the frosting and actually felt sick from the sweetness after.  I really don’t eat much sugar at all these days, so it was intense.  I’m just not a fan of butter cream frosting that is loaded with powdered sugar. 

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All of that frosting sure does look pretty though!!

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Jake ate the VOV [vanilla on vanilla] cupcake with his mommy.

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Pretty adorable, no?

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I was disappointed they didn’t have many of the “baby cakes” today.  I bought 2 other cupcakes though.  I got Chris a Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting.

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And I got this tangerine cupcake with tangerine butter cream!  This was the Mystery Flavor at Happy Cakes today.  For this whole week all of the proceeds from their mystery flavors go to charity [I forget which one, doh!].  I tasted a tiny bit of this so far and the cake is extremely delicious.  mmmm  Can I just order the cake sans the frosting? ;)

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Awhile after I got home, Chris + I walked to Wash Park for some frisbee action! 

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Kenna literally knocked me over…She likes leaning into people and it’s terribly annoying! 

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Chris multitasked [can you see what’s in his hand?]  Frisbee was funnn!  Such a nice night out and got about a 1.5m walk in.

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Freaking awesome.  We saw this guy go around 3 times while we were there, which is about 9 miles!!  I can’t imagine riding that thing.  I bolted to my camera when I saw him coming.  I HAD to catch this photo.

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I’m sure you’ve all seen a photo of the fast food world’s latest creation. 

The Double Down Sandwich from KFC.  If that above photo was “freaking awesome” this photo is freaking disgusting


Well anyway…I made my own Double Down tonight and it was freaking awesome!!  The Millet Black Bean Burger recipe [from Clean Food] made a TON and I didn’t cook it all into patties last night.  I just threw the extra in tupperware.  I made 2 patties tonight and included the most amazing toppings ever.

I like things layered..have you noticed?

  1. millet burger
  2. 1T tomato paste
  3. 1T sour cream
  4. millet burger
  5. 1T nutritional yeast cheese sauce [that I use for my kale chips]
  6. salsa

I wish I quadruple stacked this bad boy.  It was a flavor explosion :)  Good thing there are still more leftovers.  This is one of the cheapest recipes ever and you get SO much from 1 batch.  I had a side of carrots and steamed broccoli with salt + nutritional yeast flakes.  Yum! 

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I just ate a delicious Caremel Oikos cup along with about 4 other things for snack time.  I’m trying to figure out how much food my body needs with these more intense workouts I’ve been doing.  I do much better with a big breakfast and a lightish lunch + dinner with snacks throughout the day.  If I eat a big lunch or dinner I get super weighed down.  I haven’t noticed any change in my clothes, so I must be doing okay!

Off to get some things done + then bed!

<3 nighty nite!