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Half of my breakfast was made Sunday night.  Why?  Overnight Oats of course!!!  I first saw these on Kath’s blog and have since seen them many places, as I’m sure you have too.

Recently, Angela has been posting about Vegan Overnight Oats, which I have made once so far and they rocked.  Typical OO’s have yogurt in them to keep the consistency nice + thick.  With vegan, you can use chia seeds to help soak up some of the moisture and aid in the “cooking.” 

Well, I’m out of chia seeds.  What to do?  Ground flax meal!  It worked like.a.charm.

I woke up [Monday] excited for my creation.  I froze 1 banana the night before so I could make banana soft serve to layer with the oats.  If you haven’t tried banana soft serve, PLEASE DO SO NOW.  Perfect treat any time of the day and all you need is a ripe banana.

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I actually made Pnut Butter Banana Soft Serve and it was excellent!

  1. Freeze 1 ripe banana overnight.
  2. Blend in food processor for 2-3 minutes until fluffy/creamy.
  3. Add in 1T pnut butter + blend until smooth. [If it’s too thick, add in about 1T milk of choice]

A reader asked for my homemade peanut butter recipe that I talked about the other day.  I know I photographed the coconut at the same time as the peanuts but I did not make coconut peanut butter.  It was just plain peanut butter. 

1-2-3 Creamy Peanut Butter

  • 2c organic roasted Valencia peanuts
  1. Put peanuts into food processor and turn on.
  2. Scrape down sides as needed. [I only needed to do this twice]
  3. Process for 5-10min. 

Mine took about 5-7min until perfectly creamy and smooth.  I didn’t add anything to the peanuts.  Oil was not necessary.  If you use raw peanuts, you might need to add a little oil, but I’m not positive.  This nut butter came together in 1/2 the time compared to almond butter.  Super easy!

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Oats out of the fridge…SO thick!  mmmm

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Protein Packed Vegan Overnight Oats 

  • 1/3c rolled oats
  • 1/3c coconut kefir
  • 2/3c vanilla almond milk
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  • 2T ground flax meal
  • 1T hemp seeds
  • 1T unsweetened coconut
  1. Combine + stir.
  2. Cover with saran and refrigerate overnight.

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Layered UP!  The flax meal worked perfectly for thickening the oats.  They were nice and creamy.  I layered them with the peanut butter banana soft serve and with 1 layer of Wild Berry Conserve from WF.

More banana soft serve please!!!

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Breakfast perfection :)  After scarfing I left for work.

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A new to me flavor.  Honey Suckle – It was okay but I prefer the Goji Berry!

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I brought my point n’ shoot but left the memory card in my computer.  Fail.  So I used my phone camera and emailed myself the photos :)

It was CHILLY.  The weather in May is realllllly strange even for Colorado!  It’s supposed to snow this week :(


Phillies won, yay!


We’re going to the game tomorrow too and it’s supposed to be even colder….laaaame.  It was fun but I hate having that constant chill of wind across the face!! 


I ate 2 of Natalie’s fries and crushed the Rockies short-stop with the first one ;)


Trying to stay warm!!!  


I’m beat.  Sleeeeeep time.