Oh my my my….where to start??

I’m honored that you are all flying to Colorado with spoons in hand ready to dip in the the jar of Cocao-Coco-Pnat Butter!!  I will have it ready + waiting, along with a huge pot of Scottish oats, and maple cinnamon almond butter.   I promise!

Speaking of oats + nut butters, I present you with breakfast.

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Slightly different from photo 1.  I couldn’t decide! 

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I could swim in this.

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In today’s mix:

  • 1/4c [rounded] Scottish Oats – I’m almost out…eeek!!
  • 1 1/4c water
  • 1/4c coconut kefir [makes them suuuper creamy]
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2t banana

Topped with:

  • Raspberry Galaxy Granola
  • maple cinnamon almond butter [~1/2T]
  • cocoa-coco-pnat butter [~1-2t melted]

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A reader made my day today!!!  I received a package from a loyal reader, Bowyn.  She has a blog called Teenage Health Freak.  It’s impressive to me when teens are so proactive about eating healthy.  Bowyn has obviously put in a lot of time + research to be the healthy foodie that she is and has even gotten her mom in on it too!  I love her blog slogan, “Skinny by genes. Healthy by Choice.” 

She sent me FRESH pecans from her pecan tree!!!  I rarely use or talk about pecans but honestly they are one of my favorite nuts.  SO buttery + delicious.  They are perfect for desserts or eating by the handful.  Bowyn sent these because of my latest obsession with making nut butters. 

Thanks Bowyn!!!!

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You can tell that these are extremely fresh.  They are a bit softer and earthier tasting than pecans bought from the store.  I have a feeling these are going to butterize really easily.  Abby actually made pecan butter tonight aaand an amazing cookie using avocado instead of butter.

I loved this line on her blog…

Pecans + food processor = pecan butter. I will never buy nut butter again.

Really, if you own a food processor and eat a lot of nut butters there is NO reason to ever buy nut butter again :)

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Ahhh, what to do with these…

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Off for a workout at the gym because it SNOWED yesterday and was way too cold + wet to bike outside. 

Dakota says woof. 50mm self portraits are not easy!

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I’ve been walking a LOT in my Vibrams.  My feet feel 100% better but I haven’t tried to run in over 2 months, so hopefully they are really back to normal.  I cannot wait for the barefoot running clinic in a few weeks!!

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This is the happiest dog I have ever seen.  Her tail never stops.  She doesn’t understand anger.  Ohhhhhhhh Kenna. 

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She’s almost 1.5 now…we can barely use the “puppy” excuse anymore. 

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I biked on the stationary bike at the gym which was snoooooooooze, boring.  Oh my gosh.  I haven’t biked for a few weeks at the gym now, but it was painfully boring.  I even read the entire time, but time crept by.  It’s amazing how time FLIES when swimming + when biking outside.  Oh well, still a good workout.  I had the resistance up higher from the last time I was there which was cool.  Obviously the outdoor biking is really strengthening my legs!

I came home craving a smoothie, even though I was COLD from the walk.  I have been thinking about Jessica’s Vanilla Lime Smoothie ever since she posted it. 

Here is my go at it!!! 

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Ooops.  It’s pink…not white with green.  Well, I had no lime, which brought me to making just a plain vanilla smoothie.  I luuurve plain vanilla!  However, I couldn’t help but add 1/2 banana + ~10 frozen org. cherries. 

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Vanilla LimeLESS Cherry Smoothie

  • 1/2c plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2c milk of choice
  • handful of ice
  • ~10 cherries
  • 1/4c Living Harvest Vanilla Spice hemp protein
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 seeded vanilla bean

I spilled on my new favorite tea towel.  Crap.

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Can we talk about something?

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Strawberries!!!  Yes, let’s talk about this gorgeous + delicious fruit.

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If you could only buy 1 organic food, I would probably tell you to make sure and get organic strawberries.  Although, peppers come in a close 2nd.  Yes, they are expensive at nearly $5/container.  So why am I telling you to spend more money on food?  Well that’s a loaded question…but when it comes to strawberries here are the reasons:

  1. “Strawberries are the single most pesticide-contaminated fruit or vegetable in the United States. Strawberries receive up to 500 pounds of pesticides per acre. 36 types of pesticides can be found on 90% of tested conventional strawberries.” [source]
  2. “And in Sacramento, a pesticide so cancer-causing that it's often used specifically to create cancer in rats for medical experiments was just proposed for approval for use on the state's strawberry crop.” [source]

There is an article from the site Sustainable Food titled, What You Don’t Know About Strawberries Might Kill You.  This article is quick + to the point and explains it the best. Please please please read it.  I try not to harp on my political food views too often, but this is just plain disturbing.

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My Strawberry Rules:

  1. When shopping at the store:  Buy organic strawberries + organic only.
  2. Do not buy non-organic, unless at a local/street market where you can talk to the actual farmers about how the strawberries are grown + maintained. 
  3. Keep up on sales at your local health food stores. 
  • People think Whole Foods is ridiculously expensive, however, if you are a careful shopper I beg to differ :)  I watch their bi-weekly sales for things I need to stock my pantry with and try to stick to the fresh veggies that are on sale during that time.  They also have a GREAT bi-monthly flyer filled with tons of coupons that are actually useful and each time you go you can get more of them!  I usually save at least $5 in coupons.  You can also check for organic/natural food coupons at Natural Food List [the company I wrote a few articles for].

Okay…back to my point!

How do I afford organic strawberries?

  • Instead of buying 1 container of strawberries each week, now I only buy them once every 2 weeks, or I wait until they go on sale [like right now at WF] and buy 2 containers.
  • I try my hardest to not munch through a whole container in 1 sitting.
  • I buy frozen strawberries for smoothies or chopping up and adding to plain Greek yogurt.  You’ll get more bang for your buck with frozen strawberries but obviously fresh are sometimes irresistible. 

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Strawberries are one of my favorite fruits.  Definitely in the top 3.  These were deelicious.  They had a nice crunch and were completely sweet and full of flavor. 

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I don’t even give non-organic a 2nd though.  2 for $5 non-organic –> fo’getaboutit!!!!

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Delicious afternoon snack. 

  • 2 GIgantic strawberries [plus another + another]
  • organic grape tomaters
  • organic carrots

Even with our tight budget right now, organic food is top on our list of things to spend our money on.  I eat about 85-90% organic, if not more.

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Thanks for listening :)

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Recently I received a fabulous envelope of coupons from the wonderful people at GT’s Kombucha!  I picked up 5 flavors I’ve never tried before.  

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I’ve been eyeing up the scary green kombucha but couldn’t spend $3 on it without knowing if it was worth it. 

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This one sounded awesome!!

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I’m starting to like ginger more + more lately.

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Purdy colors.

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Here we go.  Ready?

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Ingredients: 100% raw organic kombucha + wild blue green algae + Hawaiin spirulina, chorella

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Thoughts?  The first sip tasted GREAT.  And then the aftertaste set in.  I still thought it was okay though.  I went for the 2nd sip and almost spit up.  This is the most fowl thing I have ever tasted in my life.  So far I have loved every other flavor and you all know I LOVE earthy/grassy products.  However, I am not a fan of things that taste like sea-life.  OMG, it tasted like a cross between seaweed + a fish and even my vegan chocolate avocado cake couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth.

But! I know some people like seaweed veggies + such, so maybe this is the flavor for you?



<3 Ashley <3

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