and the winners are…..

This giveaway was fun!  So many new people + blogs to check out but so many of my blog-friends entered too!  I must do this again!!  Thanks to everyone who entered.  :)   Happpppy Friiiiiiidaaaay!!

Veggie hater, bacon lover, one of my best “blends”!!!!!


Jessica @ How Sweet

I would like to win a meetup with you next weekend. Did you get your plane ticket yet??

Ok, really, I want coco pnut butter, and banana granola. And a plane ticket for you.


My latest blog crush won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley M. [at] (never home)maker


cocoa-coco-pnat butter
vegan graham crackers

Sounds SO YUMMY. What a fantastic giveaway idea, Ashley!

I found food blogs while searching for recipes because I love being in the kitchen. This was like four or five years ago. What I love best now is the whole food-fitness hybrid. It’s totally my life. So, I spend most of my time blogging, reading other like-blogs, and chatting with other blog ladies like you.



Let me know if you ladies change your mind on what you want!  The famous Laura did a nut butter taste test this AM and out of: maple cinnamon almond butter, salt kissed cinnamon pecan butter, and the cocoa-coco pnat butter, she said Maple Cinn AB was THEE best. 

She looks pretty trustworthy, don’t ya think?  Me on the other hand….WHO KNOWS!  I think I missed my call in modeling…

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