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I just got home from work at 11:45pm.  I edited photos and it’s now 12:15am.  How fast can I post.  I have to be back at work at 9am…eek!

Breakfast was amazing today.  I didn’t feel like oats or a smoothie.  I had pancakes on the brain.  My last pancake day was just okay, so I had to make up for it.  I have been meaning to try HEAB’s coconut pancake recipe, since I bought coconut flour about a month ago.  What took me this long???

I made the.most.amazing. pancake topping EVER.  I promise you!

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See?  I told you!!!

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Strawberry Banana Pancake Topping

  • 3 strawberries
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/4c plain greek yogurt
  • 1/2T maple syrup
  • splash almond milk
  1. Blend!

This made about 3/4c of topping.  Obviously a little too much!  Oh well, I guzzled it down.  Seriously, SO fresh + delicious.

Now for the pancakes.

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Coconut Flax Pancakes

  • 2T coconut flour
  • 2T flax
  • 1egg + 2 egg whites
  • 3-4T almond milk [or other milk]
  • 1/2t baking powder
  • 1/2t cinnamon
  1. Whip the eggs together in blender until fluffy.
  2. Add in all of the other ingredients and blend for ~30sec.
  3. Pour into a greased pan heated to med-low.
  4. Cook + flip + cook + serve!

Totally delicious!  If you want them sweeter add 1/2T sugar/maple syrup/sucanat.  The cinnamon was an awesome addition.  You could also blend in a little frozen fruit for flavor + sweetness [cherries, bananas, strawbs, blueberries, etc].

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Topped with DELICIOUS smoothie topping + more strawberries, bananas, and a little glob of Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter because why not?

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I can’t even describe these.  The pancakes had a FAbulous texture.  They were soft and fluffy but also hearty.  They had a nice light flavor and the toppings were spot on!  I also sprinkled with coconut flakes.

Definitely will be eating these again soon!!

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Time for a swim!!  I mixed half of this can with the same amount of water in a bottle for maximum hydration.  This was VERY coconutty + limey.  Much more so than coconut “water.”  This was “juice” and I’m not really sure what the technical difference is?  It was perfect mixed with plain water and has a noticeable difference keeping me better hydrated.

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You don’t even know HOW excited I am to finally have fresh strawberries.  OH, how I have missed you.  It’s been at least 6+ months.  There have been non-organic around for about a month but I’ve been holding out.  The organic strawbs are finallllly getting good.  I could tell just by smelling these, that they would be perfect, and they were. 

Definitely craving fruit lately…makes sense with the seasonal changes I guess!

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Oh!! My swim – it rocked today!

  • 50m – kickboard
  • 50m – buoy
  • 50m – breast stroke
  • 50m – back stroke
  • 1700m – freestyle – about 35min
  • 150m – breast stroke cool down

I was in a major groove today.  I wanted to go a few more laps but they were literally pulling the lanes as I was swimming for open swim.  Booo.  I’m trying to work on my bi-lateral breathing, so for the first 750m I switched off every other 50m doing bi-lateral and regular [strong side breath every stroke].  Super challenging!  My lungs are getting better though!

Amazing fruity salad.

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  • 2-3c arugula
  • 3 strawberries
  • 1 champagne mago
  • 1 kiwi – skin on
  • ~3T chopped walnuts


  • hemp oil
  • walnut oil
  • balsamic
  • apple cider vinegar

The dressing went SO well with the salad.  Love arugula with fruit too!

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The rest of lunch was JUST as delicious.

Farmers market asparagus freshies!!  This was about 1/3 of the bundle.  Have you ever tried Soba Noodles?  If not, you MUST!  They are seriously my favorite type of noodle.  They have a nice soft/thick texture and have great flavor [made from mostly buckwheat flour].  I topped the pasta with 2T tomato paste and 1T nutritional yeast after the photo. 

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The asparagus was sautéed in olive oil, garlic powder, s+p for about 10min.  Still nice + crisp!

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Gosh I love soba noodles.

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I packed a quick dinner + was off to work.

Chocolate almond milk + Chocolate Amazing Grass = REALLY delicious + energizing – I just shook them up together in a water bottle.

Yogurt and a half maple cin almond butter + jelly samich.  I also bought and ate a few things at work.  This was definitely not enough!

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I use my produce bags for a lunch bag :)

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Hmmm…anything else??  I think that’s about it!  Off to work tomorrow and then a few days off.  I have a few guest posts to write this week and my protein post of course.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Time –> 12:44am - not too shabby!!  

shower + bed

<3 Ashley