little monster

I’ve been calling Jake “monster” for awhile now.  Clearly because he’s such a terrible kid. [joke]

We were not laughing at him crying, I promise.  He was a little scared by the bumpy ground and sticks everywhere.  You would be too if you just learned to walk! 

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One thing I hate are TEARS coming from a baby.  It breaks my heart.  Especially coming from this kid. 

Such a cute photo of mommy comforting Jake.

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I hate the tears, but still an adorable face.

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He gained his confidence after about 10 seconds on the ground.

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This kid is hilarious.  [this is a laugh not a cry ;)]

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The face that this monster is famous for! 

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Sparkly eyes and a mouthful of teeth! 

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Questioning the world.

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Flirting with the camera.

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“I’m not so sure about you Ashley…but I hear you made me a cake!?”

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I clap now, which makes me even cuter.

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And then I crack UP laughing at my silly mom.

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Tip-toeing around.

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It was about nap-time. 

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Cute windy photo :)

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Can I just tell you that FOOD is much easier to photograph that a BABY!!!  Food sits still + babies do not ;)  Such a fun day with Melissa + the monster!!

<3 <3

Double post today [a rarity]!!  Soooo many photos from yesterday I had to split it up!